Now that we all have to work from home again as much as possible and that situation can sometimes remain that way all winter, organizations are discovering that the working methods that they have provisionally set up this spring should now be given a more structural character. Because keeping in touch through Teams and other tools for video conferencing and document sharing does not mean that information is efficiently shared internally. And communication with customers also leaves much to be desired if an account manager no longer visits. How do you ensure that all your processes regarding customer loyalty and customer contact are efficient and effective? Three pieces of advice.


thuiswerken met crm

1. Ensure that employees bond

First and foremost, it is important that employees who work from home maintain a bond with the organization and its goals. You realize this by regularly creating a virtual drink or other moment of relaxation. But also by ensuring that remote working is not irritated by malfunctioning systems. It should actually give a positive feeling because people experience that they are very efficient at home and at the same time remain involved with colleagues and the organization. A marketing, sales or service employee is energized if they can make customers happy, for example by arranging more than the customer actually expected. That was already the case when we just went to the office and could visit customers, that remains so now that all contact is via telephone and video. So make sure that the (digital) support of all processes related to marketing, sales and service is optimally arranged. With Archie CRM you lay an excellent foundation for this. In this way you ensure that all information is properly shared internally and that no islands are created.

2. Find the question behind the question

To exceed customer expectations, it is important that you know the customer: where are his challenges and needs? There is a good chance that they are now in a different area than a year ago. It is currently very difficult for account managers to get that information out on the table, because a conversation via video or telephone is often straightforward. Customers prefer to ask a concrete question via telephone or video than to set up a tree about a possible strategy change or the market opportunities of a new proposition. And now that we cannot organize physical meetings for the time being, such as a training or customer day, those networking opportunities are also disappearing.

That is why it becomes even more important to record signals in addition to interview reports that help you to look for the question behind the question. For example, look for information about the impact of the corona crisis on a specific sector and think about how you can help your customers in that sector. Send out an email newsletter about the challenges of the current pandemic and record which customers are reading which articles. In this way, despite the limited communication options, you can still receive signals that are of value. The possibilities are endless. It is of course important to record all that information centrally in Archie. Because only then can you make a good analysis and discover possibilities to surprise your customer.

3. Focus even more on sales, marketing and services collaboration

Many of the signals that we receive above from colleagues, especially when it comes to existing customers. For example, they ask a question about a service or register for a webinar. That is why it is even more important than in the past that marketing, sales and service work well together and share information. And by that we don’t mean that they share a PowerPoint presentation in a video meeting. We mean all those small signals that can indicate a new customer need. Certainly now that colleagues no longer meet at the coffee machine, CRM is becoming an even more important tool for sharing that information.

Make working from home easy, fun and effective
Fortunately, Archie’s CRM software is prepared for all these aspects. We help to centrally record information about customers; we offer opportunities to discover opportunities for cross- and upsell in that data; and we ensure that working from home via any device is easier than ever. Because all our data is in the cloud. In a Dutch cloud that is, so that the privacy of the data is assured. By using the cloud, we can optimally support your employees in all aspects of their work, whether they work from home or at the office, and whether they have virtual or physical appointments with customers.