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Business CRM

Archie is suitable for organizations in a wide range of industries. From 5 to 500 users. Archie CRM offers solutions for relationship management, sales, marketing, administration and services. More…

Non Profit CRM

Archie non profit is used by governments, foundations, interest groups, industry associations, charities and knowledge institutions. Archie CRM provides support surrounding issues relating to relationship networks and communication. More…

Local Authority CRM

Archie CRM for local authorities is used in various municipal departments. For example, to enable case-oriented working in the Economic Affairs department. Or for the management of business parks. More…

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Archie Overzichtelijkheid, Flexibiliteit, gebruiksvriendelijk

Clearly laid out

  • Unite all your customer information in a single, central location.
  • Customer status is immediately visible, so quick decisions can be made.
  • Information is available everywhere – on smartphones, tablets and PC’s, on own servers or via the Archie Cloud.


  • Standard software with many possibilities for professional CRM and relationship management.
  • Can be built out step by step, so that your CRM implementation is easy to oversee.
  • Flexible deployment means existing systems do not need to be changed.

Easy to use

  • Fast, clear and intuitive, thanks to years of user-experience feedback
  • Provides greater insight into sales processes and services through structured information.
  • Archie CRM software adapts to your own working method.

Why Archie?

Choosing a CRM system is not something to be rushed. It has to fit your organization’s strategy and function well for you and your colleagues. The choice of Archie, then, is quite clear. Archie already offers an extensive set of features as standard, and a targeted implementation ensures rapid adoption by users.
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Waarom de keuze voor Archie?

Archie CRM duurzaam relatiebeheer

The possibilities of Archie CRM 

With Archie software, you can maintain lasting relationships. All information about customers and potential customers is managed centrally and can be quickly and clearly viewed. A unique example of this is the Attention Monitor, which specifically tracks when customer contact has occurred and what kind of customer contact was involved.
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What is Customer Relationship Management?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Within this concept, the optimization of relationships with customers and potential customers is the central focus. A CRM system ensures that up-to-date customer information is always available. As a result, business processes are streamlined, work is more efficient, and ultimately, more profit is made.
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Wat is CRM - Relatiebeheer

Increase sales opportunities

With the marketing processes, the quotation system and back-office integration, sales opportunities are increased, and orders can be converted into invoices. Thanks to the time-tracking and project modules, managing projects is simpler and more transparent. This enables you to work within budget and time constraints.
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