Stay up to date, anytime and anyplace

Demands placed on sales, marketing and service departments continue to grow. They need to be up to date and able to respond to a customer enquiry or manager’s request, for the latest figures for example, at any time. It shouldn’t matter if the people involved are working from home for a day, or if they’re on the road or in a meeting. So what should you pay attention to when selecting a CRM system if the efficiency of your field staff is an important factor to you?

Different screen size, different page layout

Field staff spend a large part of the day in their cars. As such, it’s important that the chosen CRM system is designed for mobile use. And that involves much more than simply adjusting the information displayed to the screen size. You can show a lot more on a laptop or a tablet than on a mobile phone. If you simply make the page scalable, users will have to scroll way too much. This requires that in ‘the phone version’ of the CRM system even more thought has been given to the distinction between key figures and detailed data; quickly scroll through menus and key figures and click or swipe to delve into the details.

Quick search

While at the office you sometimes want to look back to documents from years ago — for example, a special offer you once made or a promotional marketing letter — on a smartphone you especially want to be able to search quickly and intelligently. Often you’ll simply be looking for a phone number because you want to call a customer. Or you might take a quick look at the sales history just before a sales meeting. In that case, it’s useful if the system already begins showing the appropriate records while you’re still typing, so that even a part of a first or last name or company name is enough to see the record you need.

Slim mobiel werken

Dictate meeting reports

Few things bring an account manager more displeasure than typing up meeting reports in the evening. But sitting in the car with a laptop unfolded on your lap isn’t really a pleasant alternative either. And entering data on a smartphone is also a challenge. So what could be more convenient than just dictating the report? With the report automatically being converted into text — because looking around for an audio file later on isn’t very practical, let alone being able to quickly scan through it to see what has been discussed.  

Automatic time registration

If you have a service department with field staff who also work with the CRM system, a final point of attention is time registration. How easy it all becomes when a service technician need only tap their phone to record the hours worked and the work carried out. Easy for the technician, but also for administration, who can generate an invoice automatically the same day. 

Archie mobile

In short, working on the go is a vital part of an organization’s CRM policy. The Archie app does exactly what is needed: it makes field work pleasant and practical.