Suggestion Box

We would like to receive any wishes or ideas you may have for alterations or additions to Archie. Your request will be included in the wish list. These wishes are discussed periodically by the Archie development team. If your wish applies to other users as well, and can be validated, it will be included in a future release of Archie. Except for a possible notification in the Patch information, no further communication concerning your wish will take place.

If you have an urgent or very specific wish or if you would like to receive a personal reply to your request, please select the ‘Urgent wish’ option. Your wish will be discussed within two weeks on receipt. You will be informed immediately after this discussion. The charge for this option is 250 euro.

* 1 We have a surprise for original ideas.

* 2 Your suggestion will be dealt with within 2 weeks. We will contact you to discuss one of the following options:

  • A. Your suggestion will not be implemented because of a techincal or functional reason.
  • B. Your suggestion will be implemented. You will receive a specification and an investment proposal.
  • C. Your suggestion will be looked at more carefully. An appointment for a meeting with the development team will be made. This meeting will take a maximum of 2 hours. The development team will meet within 2 weeks after the first meeting and they will decide if the suggestion will be implemented or not. The investment for the two meetings is 750 euro.