Why is a CRM system useful?

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A CRM system offers many advantages, including relationship management that is taken care of down to the last detail. No more correspondence is lost, quotations can be found at lightning speed, emails are linked to the right relationships and sales figures are quickly visible. These are just a few examples in which a good CRM system excels. Everything is collected around the relationship, from correspondence to Excel spreadsheets or Powerpoint presentations. And, not least, it’s easy to find.

A practical example

The power of a CRM system also emerges in emergencies if, for example, the top seller of a company decides to look up another job. There is always a chance that customers will be included in the switch to perhaps the direct competitor.

Without a good CRM system, all the information about the customers he has managed is in his head or in documents and spreadsheets stored on the laptop.

Such a switch requires a quick response, but if it is not really known who the customers are, what the turnover is and who the contacts are, then it will be quite a search. Meanwhile, customers are being worked on to make the switch to the competitor. Time is an important factor here.

If all goes well, the top seller has kept track of everything neatly in the CRM software, making it easy to transfer his or her appointments to the new account manager. The customers affected by the transition may be notified. This is another great contact moment to get an update about the customer.

Why is a CRM system useful

Respond quickly

At worst, the top seller has been in the process of transitioning for some time and has deliberately withheld customer information. Then you can still respond adequately with the available information in the CRM system.

All customers are known and an overview can be quickly made with open quotations and offers. Sending an email to all customers and relations stating that the seller has found another job is quick and easy to set up and send. In that email, the new account manager can be introduced to whom the customers can turn if they have any questions.

The most important customers, who have open quotations, can be contacted by telephone to indicate that there is a new account manager. The call list is easily extracted from the CRM system.

Current projects can be quickly transferred to other salespeople via the system. With the Archie CRM Attention Monitor you can see whether the contact moments need to be increased. It is clear to see how much attention the customer has received.

Having information quickly is important. With the monitoring tools in the CRM system, it is possible to regularly check whether important customers exhibit unexpected behaviors that may indicate a transition.

An up-to-date CRM system is well worth its purchase price in situations like this. And now all that’s been described is an emergency. If the information about customers and relations is kept up to date, then a quick and adequate response can be made, also in daily business activities.

CRM in the cloud

Another reason why a CRM system is useful is the way of approaching. Many CRM software vendors, including Archie CRM, offer the ability to have the software and database in the cloud. This can be easily viewed with a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet through the app, making the information even more widely available and eliminating the need to be in the office to access the CRM data. The need to have a server at the company on which the software is installed has disappeared for many companies. As a result, it is no longer necessary to backup the software and data yourself and update the software regularly. In the case of Archie CRM, this is done by Archie itself, so you can be sure that you always work with the latest software and that the backups are taken care off. So you have a CRM system that makes use of the latest capabilities that the software has to offer.

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