Reasons to choose Archie

Everyone knows those articles: “the 10 best”, “the 15 nicest” or “20 reasons why”… You can find these lists about CRM as well. So we thought, why not make one specifically about Archie CRM? Then we can clearly explain how the Archie CRM software, combined with the right CRM business strategy, can help you maintain lasting relationships.

Structuring relationshiop management

Archie CRM was built with users’ feedback in mind. This has resulted in an overview that shows you everything that really matters regarding a customer or partner, all on one screen. Relevant contacts are in view, along with all additional information, appointments, email traffic and, for example, quotations that have been issued.

If an employee is on a business trip, on vacation or on a day off and a customer calls, then a colleague can easily have the conversation without any problems. After all, the top-of-the-head knowledge regarding the customer is in the Archie CRM System, which ensures that everything is displayed clearly and conveniently. Even a quick note made by a salesman using his tablet or laptop after visiting a customer is immediately visible to all.

More information about structured relationship management can be found in: Know what they want

Increased sales opportunities- because revenue matters

Of course it’s nice that everything is clearly presented, but you might wonder: “What’s in it for me?” In other words, does this earn us some extra revenue? The answer to that is a simple and short “Yes”.

With each new customer, more information is gathered. Mainly by listening to what the customer’s needs, desires and expectations are. Who has decision-making responsibilities, and who are your competitors? Useful information when you’re about to start a quotation process. Thanks to the Archie CRM system and a good CRM strategy, all information related to the prospect is tracked, from contact moments to appointments to the quotation that is ultimately sent out. But that’s not all – let’s not forget about follow-up and after-sales, which, too, is all taken care of down to the last detail by the Archie CRM software.

Connection with the backoffice

By linking Archie CRM to your back office and importing financial and lead data, you get a comprehensive view of your customers. It’s no longer necessary to look at multiple different systems, meaning the work is more efficient and more decisive action can be taken during the sales process.

Suppose more attention needs to be paid to leads and the possibility of increased sales within the existing customer base. With Archie CRM’s extensive analysis features, you have a powerful tool at your disposal. You can see in a few glances what the revenue growth is like. Or how many customer visits there have been and what they have yielded. The rate of customer turnover becomes clear, and forecasts are displayed neatly in a graph on the screen.

This makes it much easier for marketing, sales and management teams to monitor progress and to make adjustments where necessary.

You can read more about the sales opportunities Archie CRM provides insight into in: Increase your sales opportunities

succes in sales

Effective marketing campaigns that really make a difference

The marketing component of the Archie CRM software is designed to give a logical structure to your marketing campaigns. Thanks to Archie’s structured relationship management and analyses, you know what the target group is and how best to approach them. This is because you can add any characteristic you deem necessary to customer and prospect groups, which enables you to fine-tune your communication with customers in every detail. Once everything has been fine-tuned, the marketing campaigns can begin. This may involve, for example, an e-mailing, a newsletter, specific offers, an event or a social-media campaign. These result in a response which shows who is and isn’t interested in the message. And where follow-up should take place. These are triggers on which you can easily take action yourself.

E-mailings, a powerful marketing method

E-mailings, for example, are still one of the most powerful marketing methods for coming into a customer’s view. Especially when there is a specific target group, defined through customer profiles, to which the content appeals. After sending, you will see whether the email has been opened and whether it resulted in an actual click through. Or if the email address no longer exists and has generated a bounce. You can read more about effective marketing campaigns in: Humanize your marketing

Vijf redenen waarom Archie CRM goed is

Management Analyses – to measure is to know 

The analyses presented within Archie CRM are very extensive by default and draw a wealth of indispensable information from the database. You can see how revenue is developing, which services or products are doing well and which aren’t, what a campaign has yielded, or what customer turnover is like. You will get solid, clear insights into important management information. Archie CRM excels at displaying information in dashboards with simplicity and clarity.

You’ll see these dashboards as soon as you start up the Archie CRM software at the start of each day. They provide an immediate snapshot of all relevant information, avoiding the need to run complicated analyses.

Integration matters

Archie CRM uses a special general import module with which a wealth of information can be brought into the CRM database. As a result, the most common kinds of import, e.g. from websites, can be realized without the need for any specific import modules to be developed.

This is a bit of a look on the technical side of the integration story. But there are quite a few important integration options that set Archie apart from other systems. For example, the link with Outlook Calendar and Email. This involves far more than just funneling a message from A to B. Within Outlook, for example, contact information could be added, which is then automatically linked to the corresponding organization record in Archie CRM.

Outlook and calendar link 

In addition, there is an extensive link with Outlook’s calendar feature. Appointments made in Archie CRM are automatically added in Outlook and vice versa. If you archive the appointment in one of the two systems, this will carry over to the other. This smart integration makes it possible, for example, to link several contact persons (possibly employed by different companies) to the same appointment.

Your own house style 

If you need even more from Office integration, then Word XRM comes into play. This is a link with Word that safeguards your house style and preserves any scripts you run in the word processor. The final documents can then be safely stored in Archie CRM.

Professioneel e-mailings with Spotler

Email marketing is still king when it comes to digital customer acquisition and follow-up. Archie CRM features integration with Spotler, software for sending professional e-mailings and making detailed analyses of the response. This link allows e-mailings, such as newsletters or invitations, to be sent in the company’s own house style, using relationship and contact details from Archie CRM. And that’s not all: the combination of Archie CRM – Spotler ensures that click behavior is followed. And that bounces are captured, and subscribes and unsubscribes are recorded.

We could keep going…

In this overview we have had to make a few choices given the number of reasons to choose from. Not because there are too few options, but far too many. The article could easily have been called the “15 reasons why Archie CRM is a good choice”. Or 20 or even 30 reasons.

Learn more 

If you’d like to learn more and hear some additional reasons to choose Archie, feel free to get in touch with the Sales department or request a free online demo. In the online demo, an advisor from Archie CRM will take you on a tour of the software. Based on this, you can decide whether it’s a match for your organization or not. You can even explain in a short pre-consultation what your company is working on and how it is structured so that the demo can be set up to reflect this. Our online demos are completely free of commitment, so simply request one.