CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It presents the opportunity, for any size company, to attract new customers, to maintain good customer relations, and to raise customer service to a higher level. CRM is an extended form of relationship management that enables you to follow anyone on their customer journey.


Customer Relationship Management, what is CRM


Customer loyalty through CRM

The use of a CRM system makes it possible to respond more quickly to customer needs and to streamline business processes. CRM is about collecting customer information within all layers of the company in such a way that those who are in contact with a customer or partner always have correct and up-to-date information at hand. This enables a dependable response to customers’ wishes and increases customer loyalty.

And a loyal customer is a good customer. With that, we have just about described the basis of the CRM philosophy. CRM software offers a simple way to collect customer data, which can then be used to simplify and streamline business processes. A good example of this is the ability to send out e-mailings in just a few simple steps.

Sales opportunities with CRM

When the CRM strategy is well-implemented throughout a company and has the support of both the management and the people on the ground, customers’ issues and opportunities that lie with them can quickly be brought to the surface.

A report to the Customer Care department can be a reason for an account manager to make a phone call and make sure the issues have not damaged mutual understanding. It can even be a good time to sell if it turns out that a few extras are all the customer needs to be well on their way again.

Streamlining business processes

CRM isn’t just about collecting customer data as mentioned above, but also about streamlining business processes. E-mailings are just one of many examples; others include the ability to easily generate extensive overviews, make detailed selections, or link emails to the relevant customer so that the right information does not have to be searched for in separate systems. This information is presented in clear reports, so that the revenue and profit status is quickly apparent. And not only that. Easy access is also provided to customer relations, marketing data and customer support data. Archie CRM, for example, features a system called the Attention Monitor that keeps track of the status of communications with the various customers.

CRM for SMEs

When SME entrepreneurs (whether large or small) hear about CRM, they often imagine an all-encompassing system that is far too elaborate for their own organization. That is an understandable thought. But considering the price-to-performance ratios of modern CRM systems, this is now an outdated notion.

CRM in the Cloud

The advantages of a CRM system are many. And issues that sometimes held entrepreneurs back in the past (installing the software on their own network, backing up and maintaining the system) cease to apply if a CRM cloud solution is chosen.

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