Online life is made a lot more pleasant by applications and apps that allow you to work just as well on your mobile as at the office. Office packages can be accessed from the cloud and e-mails can of course be sent. There are also plenty of options on the internet for addresses and telephone numbers, just like an online agenda. A route planner is also not necessary for anything because you already have it on your smartphone.

Sales data and quotations

If you need sales data, for example the last quotation that was issued, you can have this e-mailed to you by the sales office, together with the direct telephone number of the contact person you need to go to. Unfortunately it turned out not to be in the online telephone book and the number was out of order.

In the industrial area you will see a for sale sign in front of the window at the address where you have been sent by your route planner. Anyway, we called the office staff again to request the correct address.

You arrived a bit late for your appointment, but in the end you had a good conversation with the customer and went through a few details of the quotation, unfortunately not the one that the back office had sent, but you are quite good at improvising. The conversation was also with the new sales manager; It’s a shame, because you could easily get through a door with the old one. He almost always immediately signed the quotation that you presented him.

Email visit report?

You work out the complete visit report the same evening or otherwise the morning and then e-mail it to the sales office. So you see again, that whole online CRM thing is not necessary for anything, you have it virtually under control.

Then the bomb fell

You lose the customer to a competitor and if you give it a call to find out exactly how, then your virtual control appears to show quite a few gaps.

Online CRM, what do you need

With an online CRM system on your smartphone, tablet or laptop you should be able to find all emails that are linked to a relationship. Not only your own, but also your colleagues. The entire range of sales must be accessible, from sales to outstanding offers. You must also have access to documents, from PDF to a Powerpoint presentation, that are linked to a relationship.

What do you need for good online CRM

Customer data up-to-date

The customer data in the CRM solution must of course be up-to-date. This can be done via a link with the Chamber of Commerce data and information that is kept by colleagues or is retrieved from social media. For example, a sales manager who has moved to another company or has been given a different position. If this information is known, it is neatly recorded in the system via links. You never know if you will meet the person again.

Making a phone call must be a push of a button and adding an appointment must be arranged from the CRM app. This relieves the internal sales staff who no longer have to look up or enter this information for you.

What do you need for good online CRM

Hurry behind the quotation
The same applies to the visit report that you should be able to enter in the parking lot, so to speak. If the customer calls the same afternoon because there is a rush behind the new quotation, this can be picked up internally, with the most recent information available.

The topicality of the data ensures a quick response and the difference between losing or receiving a quote. With Archie’s online CRM, mobile working is like sitting at your computer in the office, with all information at your fingertips.

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