CRM is the perfect tool to collect and analyze different types of data. Such data doesn’t just have to serve commercial purposes. Data can also be used for the benefit of society. However, non-profits, such as NGOs and the public sector, often lack the resources and expertise to properly leverage data, Gartner Denver reports.

Using CRM for Good

Using data in accordance with the GDPR

The recently tightened privacy rules aren’t helping either, Gartner believes. Many non-profits prefer to do only what is stricktly necessary with data to avoid the possibility of mishandling it in any way. The latter is especially a waste, because many CRM providers can provide a great deal of information and support in complying with the General Data Protection Regulation. Archie Europe is the only CRM provider that has developed a tool to ensure that CRM data in Archie complies with the GDPR legislation. 

Collaborating to utilze data 

Gartner provides recommendations to enable for-profits and non-profits to reinforce each other. Some commercial companies are focused on developing user-friendly CRM tools that fit the mission for non-profits in particular. Take, for example, Archie’s non-profit CRM software offering. Non-profits stand to benefit enormously by beginning their search for the right data tools.

Volunteer data professionals

Another option put forward by Gartner is to leverage resources that are provided free of charge. More and more private companies are looking to ‘do good’. In doing so, the often seek an authentic charity that’s a good match for them to make their time and expertise available. A data analyst with free time, a group of employees at a technology comany who can take care of a particular data project, a tool that is sponsored or donated. Commercial companies often like to brainstorm about how they can help non-profits in the process of professionalization. In a world that runs on data, following this trend is a must, for non-profits especially. Their mission to create a better world ultimately benefits us all.