Set a good example to follow. That is why we briefly describe below what Amazon, Bijenkorf and Coolblue do to fascinate, bind and retain customers. Customer Relationship Management, or managing customer relationships. On the one hand a clear understanding, on the other hand you can really go in all directions with it.

The true definition does not exist either. This is hidden in the organization itself: what kind of organization you are, who your customers are and what objectives you want to achieve all influence your CRM strategy. Here are three examples of inspiring companies that have proven for years that they understand the customer and can therefore contribute to the best customer experience, resulting in sustainable customer relationships.

Conversion at Amazon 74%

Amazon is known worldwide. In short, a mail order company that is followed and imitated by many. Where people say ‘choose your niche’, this company explicitly chooses to sell everything. Amazon is the “everything store” and that strategy works out very well for the online retailer. Research from Milward Brown Digital shows that the average online conversion with regard to purchases is 3.2%. At Amazon, this percentage is 13%. If that seems like an incredible amount, then you will be completely amazed to know that this is about the non-premium customers. The “prime shoppers” ensure the unparalleled conversion rate of 74% !!! Free shipping and delivery within two days seem to contribute mainly to this high conversion rate. In recent months, there have been more and more online retailers in the Netherlands that use the claim “today-ordered-today-at-home”, so that Amazon gets away with 2 days is quite special. In fact, the prime shoppers pay money annually to qualify for free delivery. Isn’t it bizarre? In the Netherlands, such a business model would probably not hold up at all.

Bijenkorf opts for premium experience

De Bijenkorf, ‘Dutch pride’, has been around for so long but still manages to keep up with the times. It invests emphatically in creating the best possible customer experience and that leads, among other things, to deepening the customer relationship. It is not without reason that the company won this year at the Dutch Marketing Awards in the Dutch Marketing Company category. “De Bijenkorf is the empress of retail, who was the first old” brick retailer “to dare to make sharp choices,” the jury concluded. “The belief in the future of online led to the decision to close a large number of stores.” Unlike Amazon, De Bijenkorf does opt for a certain segment to continue for a premium experience strategy. The Three Crazy Days and brochures no longer fit with that luxury. And where Amazon wants to offer everything imaginable, De Bijenkorf is letting go of certain brands. What the department store focuses on: experience, service, a multichannel approach and deepening the customer relationship.

Coolblue doubles turnover every 20 months

Coolblue is also a successful Dutch company that claims to double its turnover every 20 months. The company was voted the most customer-oriented online retail company of 2016 by the Dutch public. According to Marketingfact, this is partly due to the careful recruitment policy: hiring employees with the right attitude and then guiding them in such a way that the customer-oriented corporate culture is part of their DNA . Customer focus is therefore something you have to exhale and something that concerns the entire organization.

Another special aspect is that online retailer Coolblue has only recently started opening physical stores, unlike the traditional retail chains. Here, the customer can receive advice on the spot, which is how the Coolblue stores respond to specific customer needs. The ‘brick’ stores do not even serve so much as a sales channel, but more as a service channel, which means that Coolblue has a completely different vision of physical stores than the traditional retail chains.