The power of email marketing and CRM

Archie CRM is optionally integrated with the powerful email-marketing software MailPlus. Mark van den Berg, commercial manager at MailPlus, illustrates the combined power of email marketing and CRM. He believes that email marketing is a powerful operational-tactical tool.

B2B: marketing automation is on the rise

Mark van den Berg: “The automation of marketing and certain marketing and communication processes is on the rise, even in the world of B2B. That makes sense, because especially in the world of B2B, (email) marketing is a powerful and effective marketing tool for customer journeys or your lead management process. Now, I do not believe that you should just go around automating everything. Technologies and tools must be used in support of personal, customer-oriented communications, and you can do that with marketing automation software, but integrating email marketing into your CRM system is definitely another way.”

The CRM system: the engine for personal communication

“Email marketing is a powerful operational-tactical tool, but a standalone email-marketing program will always be less powerful than integration with the CRM system. In a B2B environment, a CRM system is the engine for personal communication; it can do a lot more than simply store contact details and call reports. Clicks in email-marketing campaigns can likewise be registered in the system via the integration of MailPlus with Archie CRM. A customer’s click behavior may indicate a need. Has the customer just purchased a complicated product and clicked through to general product information about this product? It could be a signal that the customer is looking for more details, which is useful information for the account manager. The CRM system (and the integration with email marketing) thus forms the engine for personal communication, tailored to the needs of the customer,” Mark explains. “Archie CRM is one of the most versatile links to MailPlus in existence, meaning campaign triggers can also be saved in the CRM system.”

“You have to facilitate triggers, not automate them.”

“You have to facilitate triggers, not automate them. Fully automating triggers and flows in email marketing can have a very poor outcome. Let’s return to that customer who clicked a link to see general product information after a purchase. We don’t want to send that customer a fully automated offer for that product in an (automated) email, do we? You have to think carefully about the customer journey,” Mark adds.

Another advantage of email integration

“The integration of email with the CRM system has another couple of practical benefits. Proper handling of bounces during campaigns results in an up-to-date CRM system: give the customer a call if an email has bounced multiple times. It could be an indication that someone no longer works at the organization, which, in turn, is a nice contact moment to supply the system with correct, up-to-date information.”

“Be careful with customer profiles!”

“Creating customer profiles is another powerful way to apply CRM; email-marketing campaigns can be set up based on them. The risk of the massive amounts of data we’re gathering is that we no longer give the customer the opportunity to surprise us, nor vice versa. Imagine you’ve been on vacation in the Spanish sun and after you get back, you only receive emails with offers for sunny vacations. This historical data can’t necessarily predict the future. Perhaps you’re interested in a snowy vacation the next time? Nobody could have predicted that based on the historical data, so that’s a missed opportunity!”
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