In these times of customer engagement and big data, you really can’t go without a good CRM solution. A CRM system ensures a good view of your prospects and customers, helps you serve them proactively, and produces improved service. These are the obvious things that you’d expect from properly functioning CRM software. But there are even more advantages.

The advantages offered by a good CRM solution are numerous, provided you first determine which solution is best for your organization. Once the right choice has been made, your organization will benefit immensely.

positive aspects of a crm system

CRM contributes to productivity

With a CRM solution, island thinking is a thing of the past. Now there is connection: the CRM system makes shifting between different departments – and also towards the customer – much faster. It makes your organization more efficient, leading to a considerable increase in productivity.

Another potential productivity-improving factor is the mobile application of the CRM software. Sales managers and service engineers who spend a lot of time ‘en route’ can’t do without. They’ve got access to all of the information stored in the CRM system, anywhere and at any time. There’s no need to make any calls to request the latest info. Innoppl Technologies reports that sales managers who work with mobile CRM hit their sales targets more often than those who don’t.

CRM contributes to predictive analyses

The CRM tool is provided with many different kinds of information, especially when links with various other systems are in place. Based on all the data collected within the CRM system, a good data analyst can conduct predictive analyses, which could range from quick and simple to detailed and advanced. When it becomes clear that a company seems to place an order for paper every three months, as a printer or office supply store you may want to contact the client about this in a timely fashion. ‘Need some more paper? Place your order with just one click.’ After all, you want to make things as easy for your customers as possible.

CRM contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty

The increase in productivity has partly to do with a faster response time. No searching in different digital folders, waiting for reports from colleagues, phone calls back and forth, meanwhile keeping the customer waiting. The fact that everything can be found in a single system means the customer can be served adequately and efficiently. The CRM system also helps provide proactive and personalized service to the customer. All this has an impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

CRM contributes to conversion

A customer who receives good service and feels understood (‘they understand my needs’) is likely to engage with your organization more often and/or in more different areas. The customer becomes loyal to your organization, and thus, the CRM software also contributes to increased conversion.