The danger of contaminated CRM

by | Dec 11, 2014 | CRM

A CRM system is of course an ideal tool for good business operations. The whole organization can keep track of everything. At the same time, there is a danger in this. Nowadays almost everything is online and we have big data. This means a huge amount of information that needs to be stored, but which data is really relevant to your organization? Perhaps even more importantly: is the data still up-to-date and therefore usable?

Years pass and everyone in the organization experiences the convenience of the CRM system that works for them. From the secretary who has to schedule an appointment and the customer service that helps a customer, to the communications department that sends out a newsletter. Not to mention the salespeople who want to get old custumors excited about making new purchases.

The danger of CRM contamination

Contamination from too much information

What information is included in the CRM system and which is not, that is up to each organization to determine for itself. There are no guidelines for it, except that it should serve the business objectives. Nowadays, we are able to access information everywhere. Fridges that are connected to WiFi and customers that we can follow closely online. Think of it and we can convert it into digital data. But beware: avoid contaminating your CRM system by carefully determining which data can help your organization further. This prevents you from having to separate the wheat from the chaff first.

Contamination due to passing years

Even when using relevant data, inefficiencies can still creep into the system as years go by. Does every employee still keep accurate records in the system? Or do quick phone calls while driving sometimes fail to be recorded? Does the communication department provide an update after the newsletter is out and requests for unsubscribes and non-existent addresses come in?

CRM audit

A CRM system only works optimally if it is kept up to date. This goes beyond recording data at the moment of contact. It is precisely the companies that have not been in contact for a long time that should be screened from time to time. Like a content audit, a CRM audit is not an unnecessary luxury. Is the contact person still active? Does the company still exist? Is the address still correct? Updating your data files ensures that marketing and sales can continue to be used effectively and your organization as a whole continues to work efficiently. Moreover, it gives your organization a professional, reliable appearance, because you have your business in order.

So keep your CRM system up to date, retain relevant information and delete information that really doesn’t help you anymore.

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