SQL Releases 1.51 and higher

SQL 1.54.2 - release date 2-3-2020

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SQL 1.53.2 - release date 4-2-2020

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SQL 1.52.3 - release date 9-1-2020



If a date was indicated in the import file without a century, the year “20” was previously imported as “1920”. The BOCP has now been adjusted so that the present year and the 9 following years are imported as 20xx.

So during an import in 2020 with a BOCP build 52.3 or newer, the following applies:

“20” is imported as “2020”
“29” is imported as “2029”
but “30” is imported as “1930”.

If you import next year (2021), “30” will be imported as “2030”.
If you import a full year (incl. the century), nothing is changing.

Bug fix

An error message could occur when the attachments overview was opened and there was a linked file in a location that could not (or no longer) be accessed.

SQL 1.52 - release date 19-12-2019

Bug fixes

The first line of the organization name was not shown if you had browsed in order of organization name and then opened a contact via Smartsearch.

The Ease indexing could stop when a new Archie user was added.


The Amee Drive was no longer functioning.

Importing Tel/Fax/Email sometimes resulted in too many modifications being created for Smartsearch.

If the import file contained a backtick/grave-accent character in the value, for example 06`51404765, an error message would appear.

SQL RC 1.51 - release date 18-11-2019


Attention Monitor. In the overview of contact moments, when opening an entry that relates to an email message containing attachments, you can now directly open such attachments.


If you move an activity that is part of a group appointment to another organization record but do not make this change for the other activities that are part of the group appointment, then that one activity will now no longer be part of the group.


The filter screen has been greatly simplified and the filter options have been grouped in an understandable way.

Multi-Purpose Module

On an MPM tab, you can include a data component for a filename. The file you linked here remained at the “current location”. From now on, the file will be copied to the subdirectory \mpm_storage\…\of the attachments directory as specified in Archie System Administration. This means that the file can now be opened by any Archie user by clicking the yellow folder icon for the MPM field in Archie.

Please note: If you want to open a file as described above in both the Windows client and the Portal version, you also need to install Release 1.50.5 of the Portal software.

System Administration

In the properties of a data component for a file name, in the field “Attached to” (marked in yellow in the image that appears when you click on the illustration to the side), you were able to make a reference to a so-called “image file name” field. Such a field would show a thumbnail of a linked image. This functionality is no longer available for images that are linked from this time onward.


When processing a record in Archie and choosing the “Update” option, a contact who is already present in Archie will not be added again.


If you delete a contact who is linked to multiple organization records, you will no longer be asked whether the contact should also be deleted from the other records.

Bug fixes

When the “Edit/Add” authorization for Project was disabled, a new project could still be added in some cases.

When the “Edit/Add” authorization for Project was disabled, in some cases an involvement would be deactivated in error.

If you forwarded or answered an email from correspondence or from a helpdesk message and the subject contained an & symbol, then the body of the email was not sent along.

A password that was changed in Administration, Settings, General was not immediately recognized by the Portal version of Archie.

In profiles, it looked as if an authorization could be changed, even though Edit had not been selected. Incidentally, any changes made in such cases were not saved.


Searching by contact did not work if the Protect+ module was active.

Registering the plug-in did not work properly when using the 32-bit version of Outlook in combination with a 64-bit version of Windows 10.

If you added a new contact while linking a message, and the organization record was still open in Archie, the new contact was not shown immediately.

Symbols contained in the location field of a calendar entry were not displayed correctly.


If you have saved a document from WORDxrm in correspondence and the document can no longer be opened from within Archie because it has since been deleted or become temporarily inaccessible, in some cases Archie can still show a copy of the document from the database. This functionality was no longer working.