SQL Releases 1.47 and higher

SQL 1.47.3 - release date 22-8-2019


In the Phone/Email/Web overview for a contact with organizations involved in a project, email addresses are now shown in grey in the overview if they do not belong to that involved organization.

If you have added a Meeting request in MS Outlook, you can’t edit that activity in Archie, but you can still attach it to another organization or change the type. It is now also possible to change the campaign in this case.

Bug fix

WACP login problem solved.

SQL 1.47.1 - release date 22-7-2019


The text shown while logging on to Archie when an update has only been partially installed has been made easier to understand.

Bug fix

Security error in Protect module has been fixed.


SQL 1.47 - relase date 15-07-2019


In the General Activities overview, settings under Activities, Type and B-groups are now saved.

The variable can now be included in a letter layout; this is where the label will be placed. The difference with the label lines <03> through <09> is that only exactly as much space is reserved as there are filled lines. The variable prints a maximum of 15 label lines per letter.

The LW date/initials (shown in Contact Profile) are now updated when a contact’s color is changed.

When setting a Language in the table Articles, Languages, you can now also specify a language for the date format. This is useful since date formats vary from country to country. When printing a proposal/order after having set a language in the relevant organization’s Delivery Terms and Conditions which is also linked to a date-format language, then the following variables:
<01> – Computer date
<02> – Computer date (written out in full)
<23> – Computer date month (written out in full)
<29> – Computer date day (written out in full)
…will all be printed in the correct format and language.

A new variable A19 (Location of activity) has been added to Reports for inclusion in an activity overview.

WORDxrm now has the option of saving documents in Archie in the interim.



The 3 fields for the project name have been expanded from 35 to 45 positions.

After duplicating a proposal/order etc., you will be taken directly to the edit mode so that you can attach it to a different Organization if necessary. If a follow-up activity is chosen after saving, it will immediately be linked to the newly chosen Organization.

If you set up Activity logging when adding history, when doing so you can also specify a date and initials. These fields were not written out to the history when no change was made. From now on, they will always be written out.

Bug fixes

When opening an activity from a helpdesk or sales line, the Confirm option was not active when it should be.


When no MPM fields were defined on a tab, or no fields that could contain the Serial Number, and you wanted to assign a field as Serial Number, this would result in an error message when requesting the available fields.