SQL Releases 1.45 and higher

SQL 1.46.17 - release date 13-8-2019


Contains custom modifications.


SQL 1.46.16 - release date 22-7-2019

Bug fix

Security error in Protect module has been fixed.

SQL 1.46.14 - release date 9-7-2019



When addnig a user in the OAP configuration a profile will be applied automatically.

SQL 1.46.12 - release date 28-5-2019

Bug fix

When the variables E12 (Total gross cost price) and E14 (Total net cost price) were included in a Sales Layout, these were also printed if this layout was used for printing by someone who, due to their level of privileges, should not be allowed to see this data.


SQL 1.46.11 - relase date 16-5-2019

Bug fix

Admin. An error could occur when deleting an Archie user who was also an OAP user.

SQL 1.46.10 - release date 7-5-2019


The regions of Poland have temporarily been removed from the map because these were still based on the circumstances from 1975 with 49 regions. A future update will include the current 16 regions (from 1999).


A problem existed where, when the link between Archie and MS Exchange (Outlook) was active and a user’s account (mailbox) was deactivated in MS Exchange (e.g. because he or she is departing), Archie was no longer able to interact with Exchange and the exchange of activities with other users would get stuck.

Archie Tools has been adapted to prevent the exchange from stalling. When converting activities’ initials, new activities are now created with the new initials (with the corresponding data, excl. the original creation date). The source activities are removed. This means that if the user’s mailbox in Exchange is later deleted, there will be no malfunction. This functionality is only called when the interchange with Exchange Activities (Archie OAP) has been set up.

A special MPM “link field” that shows the value of another MPM field in a 1:n tab is now immediately shown when New is selected. In the past, the value was not displayed until the tab was saved.


In the section of the OAP configuration where users can be added, a check has been created to make sure that a valid email address has been entered.

In the section of the OAP configuration where users can be deleted, you will now be asked what to do with the activities of the user being deleted.


If, as a result of a bug in Admin (see Bug fixes), an account with double initials has been created, the OAP will stop and create an entry in the log file. Synchronization will not resume until the configuration problem has been resolved by an Archie Europe employee.

Bug fixes


In the section of the OAP configuration where users can be added, it was possible for an existing user to be overwritten.

In the section of the OAP configuration where users can be added, entries with double initials and email addresses could sometimes be created. Following a restart of Admin, this resulted in initials and email addresses being displayed in a staggered manner and it was no longer clear that a double user was present.

In the section of the OAP configuration where users can be added, initials and email addresses were “staggered” when entries with double initials were created (see point above). The OAP itself continued to synchronize correctly. Now, double entries are simply displayed so that the configuration can be restored by an Archie Europe employee.

In the section of the OAP configuration where users can be added, the message that an email address or initials already existed could incorrectly be shown.


In the case of an MPM check box, the option “fixed value” resulted in an incorrect value being entered if taken from the help screen.

Not all error messages were logged.

An error could occur if a particular date format was set.

SQL 1.45.0 - release date 25-2-2019

Available (25 Feb 2019)

Important for customers who use Smartsearch:
Install Portal version 44.7 to continue working with Smartsearch.

Important for customers who have a link with Company.info in place:
For this link, you now need to use Company.info’s new web services. Company.info has already made the necessary arrangements for you. If this has not yet occurred, please contact Archie Europe. You will need to enter the new login details for Company.info in Archie System Administration.

Important for customers who use Ease:
Java 11 or higher must be installed on the server where Ease is running, but this version is no longer free for business use. As an alternative, you can install OpenJDK 11 or higher, which is available for free. Ease is compatible with both variants.

In the Tomcat manager, there is a bug in the “Deploy WAR file” function. To successfully install the new Ease.war, restart Tomcat after the action “Deploy”. Ease should then work properly. Another option is to manually copy the contents of the ease.war file into the directory \Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 9.0\webapps\EASE\…


SQL releases 1-45 Contacts

In the Time Registration overview for an Organization, the columns Order and Invoice number have been added.

The Time Registration overview that you call up with an order or invoice can now be exported to Excel.

A special Multi Purpose link field for organization data can now display the organization’s email address.

Company.info. Via het menu dat je opent met de rechter muistoets op het Company.info icoon in de relatiekaart kun je een jaarrekening opvragen.


If a change is made in Admin relating to a user’s initials or protect+ authorizations, a so-called “full index run” is automatically scheduled so that the user can quickly search again with the correct authorization.


The interface has been updated, the options and advanced search have been moved to a bar on the right side of the screen, and next to the search field you will now find the filter options and a menu button which can also be used to initiate the selection feature.

There is a simple API function for retrieving the status of the Ease index. You can request the data via a URL that looks like this:


Needless to say, replace the login details, server and port with the appropriate ones in your environment. The response should look like this:
{ “id”: “GDPR Test”, “licenseNumber”: “A0300”, “stamp”: “2018-12-31T14:15:24+01”, “message”: “OK” }


Support for DPI in mixed mode in Outlook 2016.

Support for Outlook 2019.

You can specify how the recipient should be included in Outlook via File, Archie, User Settings, E-mailing. By default, the top option is active.


In the overview of active import definitions, a column has been added where an exclamation mark indicates that a pre- or afterrun has been configured (customization).

The fields OBJ_DATE_ADDED and OBJ_INIT_ADDED are now filled automatically when a project is imported.


MailPlus is now known as Spotler.

The Google Earth option in filter is now known as Export KML.

Postcode database: PCDBLibrary.dll is no longer used.


Improvement in Filter feature in combination with Organizations and Objects.

Improvement in Dashboard Activities in combination with Organizations with Objects.

If someone was logged in to Archie System Administration, the BOCP would give an alert if you also logged in there with user SY.

If you were only authorized to see organizations of a specific B-Group, you also didn’t see any appointments in the planners of colleagues who had appointments with organizations you couldn’t see. This made it possible for someone to be double-booked. Now you get to see all activities in the planner, but activities that are related to organizations you are not allowed to see cannot be opened and the description of the activity on the planner is replaced by the text “Protected”.


From now on, campaigns and responses linked to a contact you are not allowed to see will be suppressed.


If Outlook is unable to compose an email, e.g. due to connection problems, the user will now be informed and storing of the correspondence record will be cancelled.

Emails sent via projects will no longer show the email addresses in the “To” field. The “To” field now shows “Archie E-mailing”.

Sending from the Drafts folder is no longer possible.

Sending E-mailings to Involved Contacts from within the Outlook Drafts folder is not possible because no email addresses are saved when saving a Draft.

Admin: OAP users can no longer be removed from the OAP configuration. If you wish to remove an OAP user from the configuration, please contact the Archie Helpdesk.

Bug fixes

An incorrect header could appear above the graph of the consolidation of the Campaign analysis.

In the graph of the consolidation of the Campaign analysis, only one character of the campaign code was shown.

If a user was only allowed to see an organization’s name and address details (Protect+), in a small number of cases the user could still add or change History or Notes. This is no longer possible.

A user can now use the Contact Filter to jump directly from Involved Contacts for an Object to an organization for which they have read-only access. In previous versions, ‘You are not authorized’ was incorrectly displayed.

If you change the browsing order, the active field becomes purple with white letters. In combination with a Smartsearch search, it could happen that the letters were displayed in black.

When opening a line of correspondence, the Reference was not shown.

When a page-number variable was included in the footer in Letters and the letter was sent using the Export PDF via Email button, the same page number was shown on every page.

When looking up an Order via the Description, the scored proposal used to be displayed. From this point, the Order will be shown first.

On screens where the resolution was set to 150% or higher, the name of the contact was not visible on the screen that was shown before printing a proposal/order.


When deleting a user, you have the option of also immediately deleting the OAP account. The latter did not work.


The company name of a quarantined organization card was not always shown in red.


When sending emails through projects, only the first address was emailed for involved contacts with multiple email addresses.

When no default organization was used when creating an appointment, but a category was chosen, it was ignored when linking an organization.

Stored correspondence could have a timestamp dated 29 Dec 1899 if there was no date and time in the message generated by Outlook.

If you were answering a message and at the same time creating a new email, it could happen that the new message was linked to the organization to which the message to be answered was linked.