SQL Releases 1.43 and higher

SQL 1.44.13 release date 09-11-2018

Bug fixes

Calculation of the Customers tab could result in an error message when the GDPR module was active.


On certain systems, the save run (quarantining) for Contact Persons would hang.

SQL 1.44.4 - release date 06-09-2018


Under Articles, a PDF addendum can now be imported. This requires entering the file path and file name, e.g. G:\data\pdf\article.pdf
There must be no \ after the file name.
The BOCP does not need to be able to access this path.

The plug-in that deletes privacy-sensitive contact details between midnight and 6am (see Tools, GDPR Privacy Rules) and entire Organizations / Contact Persons (see Tools, GDPR Database Maintenance) will become active once Amee is updated to version 44.4.


If a Phone/E-mail/Web is only valid for a particular organization, the variables K50 through K59 will only be printed for that organization.

Bug fixes

An error message occurred in the event that an EASE search query contained a slash.

When the Google Earth option was chosen in the selection filter, the addresses were not always recognized by Google Earth. This issue also occurred when a KML file was created after selection and this file was then opened with Google Earth Pro.

The calculation of the average margin in the Proposal Overview wrongly included any alternative proposals.

When exporting a Report, the file was not placed in the import/export directory.


Several overlapping error messages could occur in Outlook.

A “no files found” dialog could be created during the import of attachments if the file to be imported did not exist (or no longer existed).

MPM designer
Longer values can be specified for the “items” (options) of a radio group or combo box. In the past, long values were divided over multiple lines.

GDPR tools
The option “Save Contact Persons” gave an error if something was entered in the field for LW: date.


SQL 1.44.1 - release date 23-07-2018


The label file can now be exported to an XLSX file.

GDPR module

The latest manual is included with this update in PDF format.

In Archie Tools, Organizations / Contact Persons who are in quarantine can now be marked for permanent deletion. The relevant data will then automatically be deleted from the database between 0:00 and 6:00 by an Amee plugin that will be active in a next version of Archie. When many Organization records need to be deleted, this action will be performed over several nights.
Please note: Organizations / Contact Persons that have been manually quarantined will not be removed by the maintenance run.


Admin. In the OAP configuration, the initials and email address of an OAP user can no longer be altered.

Bug Fixes

When exporting numeric MPM fields to XLSX, these were not recognized as numerical values.

Tools. In the Clean-up section, Proposals that had been converted into Orders were not removed.

Outmail. When answering a message, closing the original message occasionally resulted in the following alert being displayed: “The properties of the message have been changed. Do you wish to save your changes to this message?”

SQL RC 1.43.5 - release date 21-06-2018



GDPR. When quarantining an Organization’s only linked Contact Person, Archie Tools 1.43.3 (and earlier) also quarantined the Organization itself if its first name line was empty. In some cases this may not be desired, and this has now been reversed. Organizations are no longer quarantined in this specific case. Any save runs done with versions before 1.43.4 need to be repeated.

GDPR. If an Organization or Contact Person had been set to be retained if history was added within a specific number of years, any history blocks generated by linking outgoing mail were regarded as recent history. This was incorrect. Only linked incoming mail should be counted. In addition, any Contact Person history generated for another Organization is now ignored.

Bug Fixes

Adding an Opt-In/Out reason in Administration, Tables, Contacts, always added an Opt-In. You can now also choose Opt-Out.

After searching with Ease, clicking on a found attachment that was linked with a project did not work correctly.

When sending an Appointment Confirmation via Outlook, an incorrect folder was opened.

SQL RC 1.43.3 - release date: 05-06-2018

Bug fixes

When the GDPR module was active, searching for Serial Numbers, Attachments or Help Desk Problems resulted in an error message.

When the GDPR module was active, updating an Organization without Contact Persons resulted in an error message.


SQL RC 1.43 - release date: 01-06-2018


The GDPR module is now available (for erasing special personal data, limiting the import of special personal data, the ability to quickly and simply print a GDPR archive or email it to a Contact Person, etc…).

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), known in Dutch as the AVG (Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming), came into effect on May 25, 2018. This regulation requires you to take a more critical look at which types of personal data you have stored in your databases. You need to be able to demonstrate that you are only processing personal data you need for proper business operations.

In addition, the GDPR/AVG requires data minimization. This means: only retaining data you really need. If your database contains “Special Personal Data” such as religion, ethnicity, date of birth or profile photos, the rules are even stricter. In most cases you will need the explicit consent of the person in question, unless you have a legal obligation to process such data.

Additionally, in most cases a central registry has to be created and maintained, showing which types of personal data you are processing and where this personal data is stored.

The Archie database can hold many kinds of information. Dates of birth, profile photos, family composition, vacations, hobbies, etc. Processing or storing such information will not meet with the approval of the Privacy Authority if you cannot show a legitimate interest or do not have the explicit consent of the persons in question. This information has been collected over the years and can be found in all kinds of fields and tabs. This makes manual erasure of such data virtually impossible.

In order to solve this problem in Archie, the GDPR Helper was developed: software you can use to clean up your database while only retaining the persons and data you have listed in your central registry.

If you have the GDPR Helper module, you can find it in the Archie Tools program (aeTools.exe in the same folder as Archie.exe). After starting the program you will see a GDPR link where you can select various actions and set up privacy rules.

Here you will also find a link to the Manual. Please read the Manual thoroughly so that you can set everything up correctly.

One of the GDPR Helper components is Data Minimization. Selecting the GDPR Database Maintenance link allows you to remove entire groups of Organizations and Contact Persons from Archie in order to be compliant with the new legislation. The data is not removed from Archie straight away, as it is quarantined first. It is still possible to restore any data that should not be removed.

Quarantined Organizations and Contact Persons are no longer visible to regular Archie users. This also applies to Queries, Reports and Analyses. Archie’s System Administration allows you to switch on GDPR authorization for individual users. Users with this authorization are able to see the quarantined records. Archie displays this data in a red font.

Authorized users are able to move Organizations / Contact Persons into and out of quarantine.
When you are ready, you can decide to fully erase the quarantined relations.

Once erased, the data can no longer be recovered.

This final erasure run is automatically started by AMEE during the night. The run will only execute if you have indicated in the GDPR Helper that the quarantined records can now be permanently erased.

New in Archie

The Refresh option under Proposals now allows the user to enter a discount percentage. The percentage will be applied to each article (and service) in the open sales body.

This will override any previously entered discount, as well as any discounts based on a price list or other discount method in the Sales Terms and Conditions.

Any Quantity Discounts are, however, not overridden and the discount entered under Refresh is applied to the price after deducting the Quantity Discount.

Converting a Proposal into an Order will also link any linked attachments to the “Scored Proposal”.

Under Reports, the report with the ACTLOG code can be used to request an overview of the archived activities of Archie users from a specific period. You also have the option of indicating which activity types need to be included in the overview.

This can e.g. show which customers have been visited, and when, including visit report/comments as entered when the activity was archived by the user.

Previously this overview could only be requested for a single Archie user. It is now possible to include more than one user in the same overview. A Sales Manager, for example, now only has to request a single overview for their entire team.

 Users with General Authorization Level 4 are now able to select multiple activities of other users in the General Activities Overview, and subsequently delete or archive the activities.

The Delete Activities action in the Administration, Clean up Database menu has been extended with an archive option. Archiving activities here will not add history.

The SBI 2008 table has been updated to the 2018 version.

Attention Monitor

All history blocks linked with the Organization are now counted. Previously, history blocks linked with Sales and Helpdesk were not included in the count. This may result in some double counts, but helps to better determine the most recent contact moment.


Answering a Helpdesk email from the stored Correspondence automatically copies the Helpdesk Number into the subject line and links the message to the Helpdesk Problem.

Outlook allows you (via File, Archie, User Settings, Advanced) to set the color of the Organization record. This color is used in the Organization overview which appears when you want to link the email.

Built-in support for the GDPR module. You cannot link emails or calendar items to quarantined relations.


When linking a unique key, you can now opt to have the unique key imported in upper case.

It is also possible to import a unique key as hash. This only applies to fields that are large enough to store the hash.

The special Multi Purpose fields for Organization, Contact, Article and Project data can now be imported. This functionality is not available when importing vCards.

Under Settings, the “Unique Organization Key” option needs to be set to “Unique within the entire file”.

Attention: The fields can only be imported after the Organization/Contact/Article/Project data to be linked have been imported into Archie. In other words, first import the various data and use a second import run to import the special MPM fields.

In the Import Definition, import the unique key into the field used by Archie to e.g. link an Organization. You cannot import any linked fields with additional information, as they will be filled in Archie automatically.

The Sales Terms and Conditions can now be imported as well.

In an open Import Definition, the Export XLSX option is now available. The Excel file with the columns of the Import Definition is saved in the Windows Users folder. This option has been implemented for our coaches and can be used for the blueprint.

Multi Purpose module

In Reports, the quality when printing a “file name picture” or exporting it to PDF has improved significantly.

Multi Purpose memo fields can now also be used in WORDxrm if containing more than 512 characters.


When you create a new Meeting and store it in Archie, the active Organization record is suggested automatically.

When you add a new Contact Person from Outlook to Archie, the email address is no longer required.

When making an appointment in Outlook, you are no longer required to link an Archie Organization record.
The OAP (link between the Archie calendar and Outlook) no longer requires you to indicate a default Organization to be linked to the activities added in Outlook.

The Organization field under the OAP, Users link in Archie’s System Administration can then be left empty.

Attention: In that case, activities added in Outlook without linking them to an Archie Organization will not be exchanged. If a default Organization has been entered in Archie System Administration, all activities without a linked relation will be linked with this specific Organization.

Bug Fixes

Follow-up with a Campaign did not take into account the linked Response Codes, but let the user choose from all Response Codes.

Archie no longer launched on Windows XP workstations.

Pressing the Escape key in the Archie browser from a project record resulted in an error message.

After deleting all values from a Multi Purpose table and immediately adding a new value, cancelling this value incorrectly filled in a value after all and could also trigger an error message.

The screen was distorted if, after visiting the Ease window, one of the components Letters, Queries and Reports was opened and closed again using the Escape key.

Archie System Administration

Deleting a Multi Purpose tab failed to clean up the MPM lines.


During an Article import, RTF code could show up in the short description if the short description was not imported.


Various improvements for high-resolution screens implemented.
Pictures sometimes failed to display when answering or forwarding via Correspondence.
The CC and BCC fields were not always active in a new message if an e-mailing had been sent earlier.

Selecting WORDxrm in a 1:1 Multi Purpose tab did not copy all special fields for Contact, Organization, Project or Article data to MS Word.