SQL Releases 1.41 and higher

SQL RC 1.42.6 - release date 08-01-2018

Bug Fix

Problem with WACP solved.

SQL RC 1.42.5 - release date 19-12-2017

Bug Fixes

Selecting from a statistical analysis under Organizations and Spare Fields no longer selected contact persons.

A number of VAT variables were not rounded far enough in Sales Lay-outs.

A number of Currency variables were no longer calculated correctly in Sales Lay-outs.


It was not possible to enter enough characters as the Fixed Value for Multi Purpose fields.


The OAP configuration has been improved.

SQL RC 1.42.3 - release date 17-11-2017

Bug Fixes

Adding facilities to a group activity generated in the portal version was not always possible.

If less than two activity types had been indicated under Favorites, entering a new calendar line resulted in an error message.

Searching for attachments resulted in an error message if the Protect+ modules was active.

When saving a new activity with the same date, time and duration as an existing activity, the conflicts check no longer worked.

Selecting from a detail line of a campaign analysis failed to select an organization if the campaign had no linked contact person.

SQL build 1.42.1 - release date 03-11-2017

Bug fix

MailPlus. Archie no longer created Activities when processing forms.

SQL build 1.42 - release date 01-11-2017


In Reports that contain the Sales detail band you can include the Activities subdetail band to print the Activities linked to the sales line.

The Sales overviews under Organizations and Projects have been extended with a Contact column.


B/K/P/M-groups can now be deleted by linking a field or value from one of the five delete lines (per type).


Removing a 1:n Multi-purpose line from an activity no longer removes it from the Organization record. Previous Archie versions also removed the Multi-purpose data from the Organization record.

It is no longer possible to remove an article once it has been included in a sales line body.

In the invoice body of a scored proposal, it is no longer possible to drag lines to a different location.


The interface of the OAP Module has been modernized.

Bug Fixes

After exporting a report to an XLSX file, Excel sometimes failed to use numeric values in calculations.

Merging Organizations in Oracle databases could result in an error message if the merge involved a contact person that was linked to multiple records.

In reports with 1:n Multi-purpose data, the first character of a memo field failed to print. SQL Server databases.

After indicating, in the Countries table, that city names should not be capitalized automatically, this setting was ignored and the city name was capitalized anyway if the Postcode Module was active.

The Attention Monitor failed to yield any results if no Period start date had been indicated.

Selecting from a Multi-purpose analysis did not work correctly if multiple lines contained the same values that differed only in capitalization.

After clicking on a line in the Activities statistical analysis, the Close button of the resulting overview appeared in an incorrect location.


If you included a last name prefix without indicating any Initials, and a prefix was already present, the prefix appeared in the Initials field twice after merging.

SQL RC 1.41 - release date 31-08-2017


In Organization, Sales, Terms and Conditions, you can now set the default currency. This currency will then be set automatically whenever a sales entry is printed for the first time. It remains possible to change the currency, which will also update the default currency in the Terms and Conditions.

Data from a Report can be exported in the XLSX format.

A ZIP code column has been added to the Activity Filter.

Under Organization, Projects, a string field allows you to filter the overview by Code, Description and Number.

The special Organization fields on Multi Purpose tabs can display the R38 Spare Field (IBAN).

You can import data from your own Archie Database. When creating a new Import Definition, open the Archie Database tab (see also the Changes section of this info file) and there select a table from the database. You can import the entire table or select specific records using your own custom query in the Command Text. You may e.g. want to import an Activity from Organizations whose LW: date is ‘today’, or add a B-group to Organizations where an Invoice was created during the past week.

Linking a Field Number in an Import Definition will display a sample record from the import file. Now you can use the + and – buttons to browse through up to 10 records in the file.

A Project data Import definition can be used to import an Activity. This will link the Activity to the Organization imported as the Involved Organization using the same Import Definition. If you do not import an Involved Organization, it is not possible to import an Activity.

If you delete a User while the OAP is active, Admin will ask whether or not the User’s OAP-account has to be deleted as well.


The word “Fax” has been removed from the Phone/Fax/E-mail/Web screen text. The new screen text is Phone/E-mail/Web. It remains possible to store fax numbers under Phone/E-mail/Web.

In Organization, Projects, the “Incl. Finished” check box is displayed below the grid.

The Excel icon in Tables, Statistics and Multi Purpose 1:n will create XLSX files where earlier versions created XLS files.

Logging an Activity when adding History will fill the archiving date with the system date. The calendar date is filled with the date shown under “Activity carried out by” in the Activity types selection screen.

The “Edit import definition” screen now provides tabs with the options File, Connection, Amee Drive and Archie Database (new!). Previously, this choice had to be made using a “radio group”.

Importing XLSX files no longer requires a connection string. To do so, you can now simply select the File option.

Bug Fixes

Without authorization to use Statistics, the Follow-up Actions incorrectly included the Analyze option after creating a query.

Clicking on the small square in the Geomap in an Organization record displayed an incomplete screen.

In a Sales line, the + and – browse buttons were superimposed on the text New if the Word XRM Module was active.

Adding or changing history for a repeating activity from Outlook (AOP Module) incorrectly allowed the user to also change the entry’s date and time.

An error message occurred if the language was set to Polish and Smartsearch was active.

Importing Sales Attachments incorrectly added a notification regarding the Initials field to the Log file.

The text of the dialog displayed for “Fill Conversion” incorrectly contained the character &.

An error message occurred when using a Contacts Import Definition to fill an MPM Memo tab if the “MPM Memo Replace” option had been set in the Import Definition in question.


Saving a Read Confirmation in Archie resulted in an error message.

The Aida program could freeze if certain virus scanners were used.

When using more than one account in Outlook, an incorrect sender could be stored in the Correspondence in some cases.