SQL Releases 1.39 and higher

SQL RC 1.40.3 - Release Date 20-06-2017

Bug Fix

When sending an e-mailing to a general e-mail address, Outlook failed to send the message in some cases.

SQL RC 1.40 - Release Date 01-06-2017


SQL release 1-39 attachment

When adding a new attachment, you can insert a URL (http, https) instead of a file name. This includes URLs created by you using cloud services such as Dropbox, OneDrive and SharePoint. After selecting New under Attachments, simply paste the URL into the File Name field (at the bottom of the explorer screen) and save the attachment. Clicking, in Archie, on an attachment created this way will launch a browser session with the document found at the URL in question.

SQL Release 1-39 Cockpit

The “Display in Cockpit” option under Administration, Settings, View, Sales now also applies to the “lapsed proposals” overview in the Archie Dashboard.

Suspect lines now allow you to use the Delivery Date field.

The general Cockpit now lets you indicate whether the prognosis needs to be calculated based on the decision date or the delivery date. You can find this selection field between the overview and the totals. If the decision date or the delivery date of a sales line is empty, the sales date is used.

When a Project has more than one linked prospect and one of them is converted into an order or a lapsed proposal, Archie currently asks whether the other proposal(s) should be marked as lapsed (as well). This functionality has been expanded: you can indicate in a dialog box that the Involvement of the Organization linked with the lapsed order(s) has to be set to “inactive”. You can also indicate that the activities linked to the prospects have to be deleted as well. The activities linked to the converted prospect are retained, and you can archive them later on. Deleted activities a


re not included in the Activities Log, but the History will indicate that they have been archived automatically.


Smartsearch results now indicate the color of the Organization or Contact Person.


The [OPEN] variable is now available. This variable is used when sending reminders (the Pending Payments module needs to be active).

When saving an e-mail message in Archie using the Smartsearch option, Project search results are now also displayed. When linking an activity with an organization or a project, the Smartsearch results now also contain projects. (Only when the Project module is active.)


The Contact Person fields in the configuration now allow you to link a Direct Dialing number.


The screen text Hyves has been removed from social media.

Pending Payments

The Select button has been replaced with the Reminder button. Reminders can be sent by mail (Letters) or using an e-mailing (if Outmail is active). Sending out reminders uses a workflow that can create both a label file and an e-mail file, and fills the query file with organizations/contact persons that need to receive a reminder. If you opt to send the reminders via e-mail, you are asked to choose an HTML file with a layout. You can download a sample layout file from the Archie website (SQL Downloads). You can find the location where the downloaded layout file needs to be stored in Outlook, under File, Archie, User Settings, Open Entries, Appointment Confirmation folder. Outlook lets you select the account to be used to send the e-mailing. If the selected account is not an Exchange account, the messages will not be linked with an organization record, but they may be saved in the Correspondence. The report message goes to the account used to send the e-mailing.

The help text added in release candidate 39.0 has been removed. When you are sending reminders, the various options are now displayed on the screen. Below you will find a description of the Reminders functionality:

Step 1 – Filling the Query file

Method: based on the payment term from the customer’s terms and conditions. If the payment term is empty, the invoice has to be paid immediately. If you are using this method, please make sure that you have entered the correct payment terms for all the customers.

Method: invoice date plus a number of days.

If you indicate a B-Group, organizations in this B-Group will not receive a reminder.

If one payment is overdue, requiring a reminder, all the organization’s open entries are included in the letter or the e-mail message.

Step 2 – The correct contact person

If you indicate a K-Group, the contact person is selected who has been linked with this K-Group most recently.

If there is no contact person in this K-Group, the contact person is selected who has received the latest invoice. If no K-Group is indicated, the contact person who has received the latest invoice is also selected.

After these steps, it is possible that no contact person has been selected.

Step 3 – Creating address labels

This step creates labels from the Query file. If no contact person has been selected, the indicated title code will be used.  

Step 4 – Creating an e-mail file

The labels are written to an e-mail file.

If a contact person has been selected, they are checked for a valid e-mail address. Valid based on the entered string (if any), and based on “Only at this organization”. The “No E-mailings” setting is disregarded.

Only the Phone/Fax/E-mail information is checked for e-mail addresses, so the spare fields and the general e-mail address are disregarded.  
If a valid e-mail address is found, it is added to the e-mail file and the corresponding address label is deleted.

If no valid e-mail address is found, the contact person is not added to the e-mail file and the address label is retained. Any remaining labels can be used for different ways to contact the relevant organizations.


After an e-mailing has been sent, a report message is sent to the account used to send the e-mailing. Previous versions sent the report to the default account.

The new passwords storage is now supported.

AEcubicle is now obsolete and no longer included in the version 40.1 installation file.


The Mailplus configuration has a new interface.

The functionality of MPimport.exe is now available in Archie Admin. MPimport.exe may be deleted from the Archie directory.

Bug Fixes

The date filter in Ease could yield results outside of the indicated scope.

The Ease date filter allowed the user to enter an incorrect date.

Under Organization, Sales, Won Proposals, any alternative proposals that did not win were incorrectly displayed as well. You may want to check these alternative proposals in the Order created from the winning proposal.


In a Terminal Server environment (Windows 2008) multiple instances of Aida could be active in some cases.

Sometimes a message could not be linked to an organization record.

Registering Outcalendar created a registry key with an illogical name.


Performing two Sales Imports in a row using the option to check proposals, could sometimes result in orders being checked as well.

SQL RC 1.39.2 - Release Date 10-03-2017


Merging organization records. If a contact person is linked with two organizations, merging these organizations will now copy the contact person’s K-group(s) from the deleted organization record to the remaining organization record. Previous Archie versions did not copy these K-groups to the remaining organization.

Archie passwords are saved using a new and safer encryption. A password will be converted when a user logs in for the first time using the new software. From that moment the password can no longer be used in older Archie software.

The merging of an Organization by the BOCP without importing new values no longer updates the Organization record’s LW:date (if the BOCP settings indicate that the LW:date has to be filled automatically).

If you take a sales line to MS Word, the spare fields of the sales line will also be taken along.

Bug Fixes

The new conflicts check in Activities did not work on an Oracle database.

Linking a Facility to an Activity that was already linked with a Project resulted in an error message.

If you created a new Activity for another user and then proceeded to link a Facility, the screen looked as if you were creating an activity for yourself.

In System Administration, Multi Purpose, the Contacts and Projects screens displayed an incorrect heading above the Group entry field.

After deleting a line from the new table, Chance of Success, the line would return on reopening the table.

Editing a line of the new Facilities table could unlink a linked Organization, or even replace it with a different Organization.

The new filter option in Ease had not been translated into English.

In a label lay-out, the K23 variable inserted an extra space between the title and the last name if the latter had no prefix.

SQL RC 1.39.1 - Release Date 25-01-2017


SQL Release 1-39 Ease

Ease allows the user to indicate initials and/or a period. In that case Ease wil limit the results to the indicated user(s) and/or period. If you do not enter a search term, Ease will display all data entered or changed in the indicated period and/or by the user with the indicated initials.

The Sales Detail Band of a Report can now include Project variables (if Project Module is active).

Bug Fixes

The Statistical Analysis using Multi Purpose Organization data no longer worked for tabs with more than one linked B-Group.

Manually changing the date in the General Helpdesk overview resulted in an error.

SQL RC 1.39 - release date 20-01-2017


sql release activities

Resources Module. When planning an activity for Archie users, you may also want to e.g. reserve a specific meeting room and a projector (resources). This new module enables you to quickly see which Archie users or resources are available in a given period, and to prevent double reservations. Please feel free to contact our Sales Department for additional information on the Resources Module.

When saving a (Group) Activity, Archie will display a message if one or more of the users in question already have an appointment in the indicated period. If you want to, you can ignore this message and save the appointment anyway.*Archie does not check for possible conflicts when creating Activities via the Follow Up action or using Outlook. This also applies when you are moving an Activity in the text planner, since you can simply see any conflicts for yourself.
* If the conflicting appointment involves a “resource”, you cannot save it. Resources are created in the new Resources Module described above.

In Administration, Tables, Activities, a new table has been added: Resources. This table belongs to the new Resources Module. A Resource consists of a Code and a Description. The code can be freely chosen and contains up to three characters. When saving the Resource, Archie automatically prefixes the code with an &. You can also indicate an Organization Code, if desired.

SQL release date 1-39 Administration Tables

In Administration, Tables, Activities, a new table has been added: Resources. This table belongs to the new Resources Module. A Resource consists of a Code and a Description. The code can be freely chosen and contains up to three characters. When saving the Resource, Archie automatically prefixes the code with an &. You can also indicate an Organization Code, if desired.

In Administration

Tables, Sales, the new Chance of Success% table is ready to be filled. Subsequently, the Score% field in a Suspect or Prospect line lets you choose from a table with the indicated percentages. If you leave the table empty, nothing will change and, as before, you have to enter a percentage yourself. When using the new table, you can still enter a percentage in the Sales line. The Initials field of the Contact Person has been extended from 18 to 30 characters. This enables you to correctly enter nobility and write to them using their title. The title needs to be entered after the initials and before the prefix (if any).


In Archie, a Contact Person can be entered as follows:

Last name:  Santen
Initials:   G.C.W. baron van der

The Attn. line will print on the label as:

Attn. Den Hoogwelgeboren Heer Mr.
G.C.W. baron van der Santen

And in a letter the salutation becomes:

Dear Mr Van der Santen,

Archie knows the following nobility titles: prins, prinses, hertog, hertogin, markies, markiezin, graaf, gravin, burggraaf, burggravin, baron, barones, ridder

Excel compatability

The Excel file created from the General Cockpit now contains Decision and Delivery dates in the yyyy-mm-dd format.

The Select option in the Pending Payments Module has been extended with the option “Expired”. Whether or not an invoice is overdue, is determined using the invoice date and the payment term entered in the Terms.

The Pending Payments Module has a new help text explaining how to send reminders from Archie.

The Pending Payments Module has a new option that lets you display only the expired invoices.

In Administration, Settings, View, Sales, the new “Display in Cockpit” option has been added. Here a check box lets you indicate whether the General Cockpit needs to display only one Suspect/Prospect for Projects with more than one Suspect/Prospect. Archie will display a line with the Suspect/Prospect that has the highest scoring chance. Attention: This box is checked by default.

sql release 1-39 cockpit

The General Cockpit now allows you to add P-Groups. This instructs Archie to display


 only Sales from Projects with the indicated P-Group(s).


The Pending Payments Module screen now directly displays the selection criteria.

The Pending Payments Module screen displays the new column “Days expired”. Whether or not an invoice is overdue, is determined using the invoice date and the payment term entered in the Terms.

When the Protect+ Module is active, data linked with an Organization and a Project is now only displayed if a user is authorized to access both the Organization and the Project. This applies to History, Sales, Correspondence and Activities.
Attention! An exception is made for History generated when Archiving an Activity that is linked with a Project, but for which no Involvement has been entered. Such a History block is visible for all users, including those without authorization for the Organization or the Project. If this is not what you want, please make sure there is always an Involvement between the Organization and the Project. (You can find more information under “Involved Organizations, link” in the “Extra Information” chapter of the Archie manual under Help, Projects.)

Bug Fixes

Double-clicking the +/- field of a line in the Price Lists table incorrectly displayed an overview with K-variables.

The 7- and 31-day overviews of the Planner allowed you to move an archived Activity to another date.

Messages about incorrect date formats now display in the language selected in Setting.


The Multi Purpose tab edit screen did not display part of the field with Activity Types.