SQL Releases 1.37 and higher

SQL RC 1.38.12 - Release Date 25-11-2016

Bug fix

The Graphical Planner caused a high CPU usage.

SQL RC 1.38.11 - Release Date 23-11-2016

Bug fixes

The Project MPM statistical analysis returned an error message if the MPM tab was not linked to a P-group.

The Organization MPM statistical analysis returned an error message if the MPM tab was not linked to a B-group.

The Contact Person MPM statistical analysis returned an error message if the MPM tab was not linked to a K-group.

SQL RC 1.38.9 - Release Date 13-10-2016



Projects can be merged using a new field: P00 “Merge key Import”. The field has 50 characters and is not visible in Archie. If you want to use this option, please check the “Project Unique ID is in Archie field” box in the Standards of the BOCP and select the relevant field.

In the Standards of the BOCP, the options for the “Unique ID in Archie field” check box now also include the available MPM text fields (it was already possible to fill in these fields manually). In Projects, a number of spare fields from the Project record are displayed.

Bug fixes

Serial numbers were not printed using the standard article description font set in Settings, Word Processing.

In some situations Hot Keys could be active where they should not be.


If the option “Name/Address Only” had been configured and the Company.info module was not active, opening an Organization record without a Protect+ B-Group resulted in an error message.

SQL RC 1.38.7 - Release Date 21-09-2016


The variable R18R00 can now be used in Reports to print the unique import key of the mother-relation (“related”). The R18R32 variable prints the unique key of the mother-relation. If there is no linked mother-relation, both variables are empty.

Sales Layouts now allow the O79 variable to be inserted. This variable will print the payment due date. In the Sales Criteria, the payment term needs to meet the following conditions:

the first character(s) contain(s) a figure, e.g. 1 or 21
the figure is followed by a space
and one of the following words (upper or lower case): dagen; days; jour; weken; weeks; semain
Some examples of correct payment terms: 1 week, 21 Days, 2 SEMAIN.
The payment due date is determined at print time, using the Invoice Date and the indicated payment term. If the payment term is empty or incorrect, O79 will print the invoice date.


Under Organizations, multiple B-groups can be linked with a Multi Purpose tab. If an Organization in Archie has one or more of the indicated B-Groups, the tab is displayed in the Organization’s record.


If an e-mail message has been linked to an Organization, a “+” icon is displayed above the tab, indicating the option to link the message to multiple Organizations. This button has the same effect as the “Save in Archie” hyperlink already available in previous OMP versions.

To the right on the screen, below the tab with the linked Organization, the letter file is displayed if the e-mail message has not been stored under “General”.


When using Archie’s option to automatically assign a running number to each new Organization record, the BOCP will now also assign a running number.


Improvements regarding Windows 10, e.g. in Help, Info.

The browser (where Company Info is displayed) has been improved. Especially browsing while the browser was open led to problems.


If a .CSV file could not be read, a pop-up dialog was displayed. The new version only writes a message to the Log file.

The ECCP workflow now allows activity sorts of 3 characters.


Improved Outlook themes support.

Bug fixes

When a user changed the type of a group activity, Archie did not ask whether the change needed to be propagated to other users as well.

The Archie browser did not handle HTTPS-secured websites correctly. In some cases the certificate was not verified correctly.

Purchases in Company.info in the Archie web browser failed to process/download due to an additional security measure. The extra protection of Company.info is necessary because otherwise everyone using the general login for Company.info (as indicated in the Archie System Administration) would be able to make purchases.

Requesting an extract from Company.info could result in an error message.


If the “concurrent users” setting had been enabled, activating the Sales Module for more users than the number allowed be  concurrently logged in resulted in an error message indicating that the Sales Module had too many users.


The second and subsequent pages of filtered results contained information that did not meet the constraints of the filter.


When linking an Outlook message to a second Organization, without selecting a contact person, the newly linked Organization was not displayed to the right of the message.

A linked Helpdesk message could inadvertently become unlinked.

On some systems, Outlook could “hang” while starting up. This was connected with new Dropbox version.


When the user opted to link an M-Group while processing a Mail+ activity, the system did not check whether the e-mail address already had the M-Group in question.


An error could occur when the Unique ID was in a Multi Purpose field while importing relationships.

SQL RC 1.38 - Release Date 07-06-2016


The variables R39 and R40 can now be used in Reports. These variables will print the initials and the date of the current Organization’s most recently added History Block. If the block has been edited since, the changed data will be printed.


Messages in the In Box may carry a ‘Save in Archie’ suggestion. Such suggestions are displayed in gray below a green bar with the text “Accept suggestion”. The suggestion will appear if Archie contains an earlier message from this e-mail address or Helpdesk number. Messages from e-mail addresses that are linked to Archie users in Archie’s system administration never display a suggestion.


If the user links a text file when creating a new Import Definition, BOCP will scan the first line of the file in order to determine the file’s separator character.

In the settings of Contact Person Import Definitions, the “Split name into salutation, initials, last name prefix, last name” check box has been added. This option defaults to ‘On’, instructing the BOCP to retain its original functionality. If you uncheck the box, the BOCP will import the supplied names without any changes.

Archie CRM SQL build 1.37.1 RC

Bug fix

The new software could not always be extracted from the installation file.

SQL RC 1.37 - release date 02-05-2016


Sales layouts now allow the user to insert the “Sales person name” O97 variable. This variable will print the name entered in the Archie system administration for the Initials linked to the sales line.

SQL Release 1-37 Query ContactsWhen printing a report containing the Project_involved subdetail band, you can indicate which type of Involvement needs to be printed, and whether or not any deactivated Involved entities have to be printed as well. If you do not indicate any Involvement, all the Involved will be printed. If this report also contains e.g. an Activities Log subdetail band, you can indicate there that Organizations without the correct criteria need to be suppressed. This will also affect the number of printed Involved entities.


SQL release 1-37 export excel

When exporting to Excel from the Filter, the user can now indicate whether a Contact Person’s email address needs to be exported as well. When doing so, an M-group can be indicated, as well as a string that needs to appear in the description of the email address. Archie will always use the Contact Person’s most recently added email address. If the user indicates an M-group, the email address to which the M-group is linked will be used. If a string is entered, the description of the email address needs to contain this string. Email addresses that are not allowed to receive email are skipped. If an email address only applies to a specific Organization, this is also taken into account.

Lead times

If you are using Archie release 36.8 or higher, the lead times of your issued proposals will also be measured. The lead time is the time (in days) it has taken for the proposal to be converted into an order or a lapsed proposal.

SQL release 1-37 score comparison

The Score Comparison analysis will then show, for each sales person, the average lead time of the orders, invoices and lapsed proposals generated during the indicated period. This number of days appears in the last column (Lead time). In the pr


eceding column you can find the number of proposals on which this is based.

In the panel to the left you can indicate whether weekends also need to be counted. You can also indicate whether you want to see the lead times of the proposals that have resulted in orders during the indicated period, and/or the lead times of the lapsed proposals generated during this period.

In Reports and in Sales layouts, the Entry Date variable is available.

If you want to create your own analyses outside of Archie, you may want to know the meaning of the various date fields.

For Proposals – SALES_CODE = ‘O’
SALES_DATE field = Proposal date
SALES_DECISION field = Decision date
SALES_PROPOSAL_DATE field = Entry date

The Entry Date cannot be changed by the user. It is automatically filled with the system date when the Proposal is created.
In some companies it may take a number of days before Proposals are ready to be sent to the customer. In such cases it is preferable to first create a Suspect. This Suspect can then be converted into a Proposal the moment it can be sent to the customer. This will also trigger the lead time count.

for Orders – SALES_CODE = ‘T’
SALES_DATE field = Order date
SALES_DECISION field = Proposal date
SALES_PROPOSAL_DATE field = Proposal entry date

For Invoices – SALES_CODE = ‘U’
SALES_DATE field = Invoice date
SALES_DECISION field = Order date
SALES_PROPOSAL_DATE field = Proposal entry date

For Lapsed Proposals – SALES_CODE = ‘V’
SALES_DATE field = Lapsed Proposal date
SALES_DECISION field = Proposal date
SALES_PROPOSAL_DATE field = Proposal entry date

If an order is invoiced in parts, it is counted only once in Archie’s lead time analysis, unless the invoices are linked to different initials.
In case of alternative proposals, only the one that has actually resulted in an order/invoice or lapsed proposal will be counted.
Orders that have been entered directly, without preceding proposal, are not counted.
Sales lines generated on Saturdays/Sundays are sometimes miscalculated.

The SALES_PROPOSAL_DATE of alternative proposals always gets the same value as the SALES_PROPOSAL_DATE of the first proposal.

Please feel free to ask the Archie Support Line for the free Doorlooptijden.exe software.
You can use this software to update your current sales data by automatically filling out the entry dates of the proposals that have led to orders, invoices and lapsed proposals, insofar as they are still to be determined.


The new SALES_PROPOSAL_DATE field can now be imported.
If you import a proposal while linking the “date” field (SALES_DATE) but without linking the SALES_PROPOSAL_DATE field, the proposal date is automatically propagated to the SALES_PROPOSAL_DATE field.
If you import a proposal without proposal date and without linking the SALES_PROPOSAL_DATE field, the field will remain empty.

It is now possible to import the connections of Organizations and Contact Persons. To do so, please add the unique ID of the Organization/Contact to be connected, as well as the Involvement type, to the Import Definition.

Example: When importing Organization A indicating the unique ID of Organization B and the type “cleaning service”, Archie’s record of relation A will show the text “is cleaning service of Organization B”.


German versions of Outlook are now supported.


The Contact Person Last Name field has been extended from 45 to 60 characters.


Thirty seconds after exiting Outlook, Aida will also be closed.


When the ECCP is used to merge (e-Commerce) data, the preset Workflow is executed. In older versions of the BOCP the Workflow was only executed when adding Organizations/Contact Persons.

Bug Fixes

If Archie had been set to English, the “plaats” screen text remained untranslated when updating an Organization record.

On the system date February 29 the birthday calendar did not show any ages.

Reports no longer allowed you to add more than one Column_Header.

After selecting “Reply to All” in Correspondence, some people did not receive an email.

The Reports option “in descending order” no longer worked if more than one sort field had been entered.

For contact persons without initials but with a last name prefix, the first letter of the prefix in the “for the attention of” line was not changed to a capital.

The previous Archie version would generate e.g. the following address label:

Archie Europe bv
Attn. Mr van Leer
Gorslaan 10

The new version will generate the following label:

Archie Europe bv
Attn. Mr Van Leer
Gorslaan 10

When patching the database, the Hyves link is no longer added to Outbound Connections.


When choosing recipients from the address book, to the far right of the screen you can activate the To, CC or BCC boxes. However, a subsequently selected email address was not placed in the correct box.

After creating several new messages at once, the ribbon buttons only applied to the most recently created message.

A message sent from Projects was stored with the Organization record, but not with the Project.

Selecting “invite participants” in a Calendar line incorrectly displayed the activity types selection window.

Outlook 2016 could not be exited while displaying a Calendar line reminder.


CSV file export problem solved.


In some situations a connection problem could occur.