SQL Releases 1.35 en hoger

SQL RC 1.36.2 - Release Date 04-02-2016

Bug fix

After importing 1:N Multi Purpose data with a unique key, it was possible that some lines failed to display as part of the Organization or Contact Person data. Since the data was, nevertheless, present in the database, it could still be analyzed and included in queries. This problem originated in September 2015.

SQL RC 1.36.1 - Release Date 03-02-2016


Contains custom modifications.

Bug fix

When the Amee Drive had not been enabled a new Import definition could not be added.

SQL RC 1.36 - Release Date 01-02-2016


When creating an Import Definition in previous versions, you could choose between two options: reading the data to be imported from a File or from a Connection (with a Connection String). In the latest version, a third option has been added: Amee Drive Plugin. This option requires an import file to be placed in the Drive directory in the Amee directory. Once Amee has been replaced with the latest version, you can set the “Amee Drive module” plugin to “Enable”. Restarting Amee will then create a subdirectory in [Amee Directory]\Drive for each configured database. The Drive can now be accessed by the BOCP. Clicking on the down arrow of the File Name field in the BOCP will display a list of all the import files available in the Drive directory.
The Amee Drive has been developed with our Cloud environment in mind, where the MailPlus plugin is active as well. This plugin is able to create files in the Amee environment that would otherwise not be accessible to a BOCP. Of course situations are also conceivable where other software places a file in the Amee Drive directory and/or the BOCP is not allowed to access the import directory.


Route planners
The Google, Bing, Mappy and 9292OV route planners are (once again) available. The ViaMichelin route planner has been added. Google remains the default setting. MSN, ANWB, Tripcast and TomTom have protected their route planners against use by third parties and are, therefore, no longer available.

When a CSV file contains a field to be imported into a Memo field, the field may now contain multiple lines. It is now possible to import the file using the “File” option or the “Amee Drive Plugin” option. Previous BOCP versions could only import such files using the “Connection” option with a correct Connection String.

Previous BOCP versions could import only a single file (e.g. TEST.CSV) per Import Definition. As of the latest version, you can import multiple files from the import directory or the Drive directory using a single Import Definition, by means of a wildcard character in the file name. Entering the file name TEST*.CSV will, for example, import all CSV files whose name starts with TEST. The wildcard does not work when accessing the import files using the “Connection” option.
N.B. All import files need to have the file format expected by the Import Definition in question.

BOCP and Tools
The Log File clearing process has been improved, so that opening a Log with a large number of lines will take less time.

Bug Fix


Clicking and scrolling in the Log Files triggered an error message.

SQL RC 1.35.2 - Release Date 11-12-2015


Changes in table values under Administration, Tables, Multi Purpose will automatically propagate to the Multi Purpose fields.

When a Proposal is converted to Lapsed, the proposal date is placed in the Proposal field (also see the “Changes” section of this Info).


The Decision Date field in Orders/Lapsed Proposals has been renamed to Proposal. In Invoices this field is now called Order (and, as before, it contains the original Order Date).

Bug fixes

After saving a change made to a 1:N Multi Purpose tab, the Delete and Edit options overlapped.

In the text planner, the final appointment in a series of overlapping ones was missing in some cases (depending on the order in which the appointments had been added).


Messages linked with an Organization protected by Protect+ sometimes failed to open.

This could raise an error regarding a “Foreign key Constraint”.

This could raise an error regarding “No value for parameter ‘v2′”.

This could raise an error regarding “Onbekende id van Office-besturingselement: TabComposeTools” in Outlook versions older than 2013.

SQL RC 1.35 - release date 06-11-2015


SQL Release 1-35 Google Earth

In the Filter, the Google Earth option has been added. This functionality enables you to show the selected organizations on the Google Earth Pro map. The Organizations are indicated by small circles in the color assigned by you (a fixed color, the color of the Organization Record or, if the module is active, the CVO-color). You may also opt to display Labels and/or include a Legend. The circles are based on ZIP-code + Home Address, so an Organization with incorrect or incomplete address data cannot be shown by Google Earth Pro.

N.B. Since the Geomap in Archie is based on the ZIP-code, it is possible that an Organization shown there will not appear in Google Earth Pro.

Attention: Google Earth Pro needs to be installed on the workstation; where necessary, please consult your system administrator. Google Earth Pro is free software, but you need to log in. Here you can see how to do so.

SQL Release 1-35 Follow Up Questions

When you have created a selection in Queries or Statistics, the usual results screen appears. If one or more Organizations/Projects have been found, you can immediately choose one of the follow-up actions on the screen.

The Search option of the start screen already allowed you to look up proposal numbers. From now on, Archie will also find proposal numbers belonging to sales lines that have already been converted into order or invoice. If a proposal number is found in an order/invoice, Archie will open that order/invoice instead of the proposal with this number shown on the Scored Proposals tab. This functionality only works for orders created with Archie version 35 or later. Earlier proposals that have become an order/invoice after being imported by the BOCP will not be found, for the time being.

In Tables, Contacts, Phone/Fax/E-mail/Web texts, users can be authorized to edit texts in Archie and the Portal. This option defaults to On. The selected option will be activated the next time the user logs into Archie.

Many Tables allow the user to set an end date. Table values whose end date predates the current system date are no longer shown in the database overviews. Table values without end date are always shown.

After archiving an activity, having a new activity created, and linking the history of the archived activity to the new activity (workflow), any attachments linked with the old activity are also copied to the new activity.

Duplicating an activity will copy any linked attachments to the new activity.

The following field has been added to the TBL_ORG table:
ORG_INIT_ADDED initials of the user who has added the Organization

The following fields have been added to the TBL_CONTACT table:
CONTACT_INIT_ADDED initials added
CONTACT_LWDATE last change date
CONTACT_LWINIT last change

The following fields have been added to the TBL_LNK_CONORG table:
LNK_CONORG _INIT_ADDED initials added
LNK_CONORG _LWDATE last change date
LNK_CONORG _LWINIT last change

N.B. The new fields are filled by Archie from Build 35.

In Admin, Users, the user can now also select Name/Address Only, in addition to the options Hide and Read-Only. This new option will display all Organizations, but if the required B-Group is not present, only the name/address details are visible and they cannot be edited.
Organizations without a Protect-B-group are not included in Reports, Statistics or Queries.
Activities and Sales Lines can only be transported to records that have the Protect B-group.
Ease only searches records that have the Protect B-group.
CVO and TTM do not take this functionality into account.

Sales module
When a Proposal has been converted into an Order/Invoice, it can be found on the new “Scored Proposals” tab. Alternative Proposals, if any, can be found in the Order/Invoice. Earlier proposals that have become an order/invoice after being imported by the BOCP are not displayed on the “Scored Proposals” tab, for the time being.

Outlook plugins
Outmail and Outcalendar are compatible with Outlook 2016.

Blinker-Mailplus link
New MailPlus campaigns started for an e-mail address in Archie are now recorded in the Activities log.


Queries on an Alphanumeric User-defined field now also return lower case values.

The Article Group code (Administration, Tables, Articles) has been extended and can now contain 8 characters.

In the Campaigns table, the description of the Campaign has been extended from 35 to 65 characters.

Deleting a 1:N Multi Purpose line from Tabs with a lot of data has been accelerated considerably.


If the BOCP is set to rename the import file after importing it, the date/time are now included in the new file name.
N.B. If the import file is located on an FTP-server, it will not be renamed with date/time. The date/time are only added to renamed files located in the BOCP Import directory.

Opening log files has been accelerated.

Outlook plugins
The plugins are now compatible with high resolution screens.

Bug Fixes

When adding an existing Contact Person to an Organization Record after looking up this Contact Person using SmartSearch, the person could be linked to the same Organization Record twice.

If Archie was set to a language other than Dutch, a Contact Person’s age was not displayed next to their birth date.

Info, Company Profile could give an error message on Firebird databases if the Bik’95 field was filled with a code of more than 6 characters.

The context menu that can be displayed by clicking the right mouse key in the Activities Overview in the Organization window contained incorrect icons.

After a 1:N Multi Purpose data Query, Reports printed all the lines instead of just the selected MPM lines.

If no fax number and no e-mail address had been entered for an Organization, the screen texts Fax and E-mail still appeared.

After starting Archie, the scroll bar of the Dashboard scrolled to the bottom.

If Archie was set to English, the age was not displayed next to the birth date.

If, when linking an existing Contact Person to an Organization, SmartSearch was used to look up the Contact Person, the person could be linked to the same Organization Record more than once.

In the Activities Analysis, the Geomap could return an error message if there were a lot of Activities.

After using the Search button to look up values in a User-defined date field, a number of screen texts would overlap.

When merging two Organizations that were linked using the Related field, some data was not retained if the Organization that was kept was a “daughter” of the Organization Record that was deleted.

The Response Analysis incorrectly took into account that a specific response code is not available for each campaign.

The Notification E-mail for a new Activity did not always contain the Activity’s history.

Authorization problem of Ease search engine repaired.

Importing “Related” did not work correctly if an Organization’s own unique key was imported while merging.

When a Multi Purpose tab for Articles was deleted, its data were not removed from the database.

If a new tab was created after deleting a Multi Purpose tab for Articles, the 1:n / 1:1 / Memo option was not active.

The sender’s address was not retrieved when linking a report.

Persons selected in the “Address Book” screen could not always be deleted from the To:, CC: and BCC: fields using the Delete button.