SQL Releases 1.33 and higher

SQL RC 1.34.23 - Release Date 15-09-2015

Bug Fix

If a user could not access the attachments directory because it did not exist or because the user had insufficient rights, returning to the search screen could sometimes be delayed.

SQL RC 1.34.22 - Release Date 07-09-2015


Saving Reports in Archie has been improved.

Bug Fix

It is now possible to close the window that appears when there is no network connection.

SQL RC 1.34.21 - Release Date 02-09-2015


Archie Mail
It is now possible to create new messages and replies on Windows 10 workstations.

Bug Fix

The hyperlinks used to store (or unlink) messages in Archie did not work over the full length of the link.

SQL RC 1.34.19 - Release Date 06-08-2015

Revision 19 is now available (6-8-2015).



When adding a new Organization from Company.info, Archie will check whether there are any mandatory Spare Fields.



After unchecking the ‘No E-mail(ings)’ box of the E-mail address, an M-group can be linked straight away.

Bug Fixes

An error message could be displayed when requesting the Geomap of a number of selected lines in an Activities Analysis.

In the database overview that is used when linking the Related field, the name of a Contact Person (if any) was no longer displayed if the Organization Name was empty.

Processing the E-mail File with ‘Scan for identical’ did not always work correctly after selecting Organization+Contact+E-mail Address.

When displaying an Organization record, the File>Import menu option could become active after the user had visited the Letters menu.

The detailed overview of an Ongoing Activities Analysis incorrectly contained the Archived column.

Making a selection from the Multi Purpose Analysis for Projects resulted in an error message.

Changes made in the fields for Busy, Available, etc. in a Group Activity were not applied to the other lines of the Group.

The Related overview incorrectly took the Protect+ B-Groups into account if the Read-only setting had been activated in System Administration > Users.

If a Recurrence had been set while adding a new Activity, changing the Start Date prior to the Save action caused the Recurrence to start on an incorrect Date.

If a field name had not been entered for the first User-defined Field, it was not possible to select on other User-defined Fields.

Importing to a Memo tab did not work correctly.

SQL RC 1.34.3 - Release Date
SQL RC 1.34.2 - Release Date

Revision 2 is only available for customers with a Archie Cloud version in Belgium.

SQL RC 1.34 - Release Date
SQL RC 1.34.10 - Release Date 13-05-2015

Revision 10 is now available (13-5-2015)
Revisions 4-9 contain custom adaptations and are not available for downloading.


In the SmartSearch screen options, B-groups can now be entered under Activities and Helpdesk Problems. Only Activities and Problems of Organizations with the entered B-groups are displayed.

B-groups can be entered in the General Activities overview. Only Activities of Organizations with the entered B-group(s) are displayed.

B-groups can be entered in the General Helpdesk overview. Only Problems of Organizations with the entered B-group(s) are displayed.

When editing a TTM Activities analysis using the configuration “Measure per: Organizations”, initials can be entered. Only Activities with the entered initials are counted.

An invoice can be duplicated to a Proposal.


When answering a message that has not yet been linked with an Organization, it can still be linked before sending (i.e. after clicking “Send”). A dialogue will appear where the message can also be linked with a Helpdesk Problem (if the Helpdesk module is active).

Searching for Organizations and Contact Persons takes into account the Delay and Minimum number of Characters entered in System Administration under Database overview.


When creating a temporary report, MailPlus will check if a contact is set to Global Opt-out. If so, the contact will not be concluded in the temporary report.


The SmartSearch Dashboard no longer displays the B-groups and Types (if entered) at the top of the Sales Meters.


A ‘Related’ overview displays only the Organizations that are linked under the active Organization and have the correct Protect B-group. The tree structure will stop as soon as an Organization without Protect B-group is found. Selecting from the ‘Related’ overview will only select Organizations that are displayed in the overview. The GeoMap from the ‘Related’ overview will only show Organizations that are displayed in the ‘Related’ overview .


A ‘ContactDeleteException’ error message in Global Opt-outs is no longer displayed more than once in the log file. The contact person is skipped.


Merging has been accelerated for a number of data types (e.g. Phone/Fax/E-mail, Notes and Multi Purpose).

Bug Fixes

If a Spare field was the only field that had been filled, it was not copied when Merging.

When merging Organizations, the R22 spare field could be filled with an incorrect value.

Some Recurrence Patterns created one Activity too many.

Typing a digit in the Time Registration overview of the Organization record could activate a hotkey function.

Archiving several Activities at once from the General Activities overview failed to create a correct History block.

Using the Bik’95 table in the R19 field resulted in an error message if the field did not contain a table value when its “hint” needed to be displayed.

Selecting by date yielded no results if no end date had been specified.

If the browsing order had been set to B-group, the M-groups were not displayed in the Organization record.

A TTM Activities analysis that was measuring “per Organization” and included the calculation “Organizations in B-group” or “Organizations with…” did not count anything.

The Geomap did not work on the Totals tab of the Activities Analysis if ongoing activities had been selected.

The Segmentation analysis returned an error message if segment R22 had been selected and the database contained a value of 10 characters.

The Time Registration Analysis could return an error message if the pie chart was called up.

When Consolidating a Campaign analysis, the Prognosis was no longer displayed.

Browsing through the lines of a specific type in the Activities analysis displayed empty activities.

If “ongoing” Activities had been selected in the Activities analysis, clicking on a line in the overview of a specific type would incorrectly indicate (at the top of the line) that it had been “archived”.

After selecting Labels in the Icon Palette of an open Organization record followed by “Create”, part of the text of the “M-group” option disappeared. This did not affect licenses with the Project module.

Changing the Type of a Group Activity failed to also change the manner in which it should be displayed in the Planner for the other members of the appointment.


Archiving failed to link the History to the Contact.

When a Contact Person had already been deleted, an Activity that had been created by a change form could no longer be archived.


In the screens were a message can be stored with an Organization, the contact data was not readable if the Organization had a long name.

SQL RC 1.34.1 - Release Date 16-02-2015

Revisie 1 is alleen beschikbaar voor klanten met een Archie Cloud versie.

SQL RC 1.33.6 - Release Date 19-11-2014


The Time Registration analysis now also counts kilometers when no travelling time has been entered.

The Graphical Planner now displays “tentative” internal and external appointments in a lighter color and in italics. A Tentative Internal Activity is displayed in light green and a Tentative External Activity in light blue.

A tentative activity can be created in a number of ways:

If the OAP is active, the “Display as” Outlook field can be used to indicate how an Activity needs to be displayed. In Archie, the field next to the Location field can be used. When adding an Activity to which an Archie Type is linked, the display method indicated in this Type (see: Tables, Activities, field: Outlook) will be used initially.

If the OAP is not active, the Outlook field in Archie, Tables, Activities can also be used to indicate, per Activity Type, how an Activity has to be displayed in the Planner. In this case the display method can be changed by choosing a different Activity Type.


When a new Contact Person is added while linking a message, the description of the e-mail address (see: Archie, Tables, Contact Persons, Fax/Phone/E-mail/Web Texts) can be chosen.

It is possible to set a reminder under Activities in the user settings.


In the Archie System Administration the user can indicate which forms have to be processed (All, Permit, Block).


In Tables, Helpdesk, Color/Category it is now possible to change the description of the color Gray.


E-mailings can now be scheduled using the 24-hour format.


Improved comparison screen lay-out.

The processing window can be enlarged.

Bug Fixes

When certain Windows date formats were used, Queries that selected a date field yielded incorrect data.

A user who was not authorized to export data could still choose Export via the print option in Reports.

Not all the screen texts regarding the new “Alternative Proposals” functionality had been translated into English.

After selecting Ease with the SmartSearch results overview on the screen and returning from Ease to the Search window, the top SmartSearch result could no longer be opened using Enter.

In the Segmentation statistical analysis, an Article can be indicated. In this case the analysis can only be performed on Invoices. The calculation now always enters an F in the “Turnover” field; previously this field was emptied, so that it was not clear that the analysis only concerned Invoices.

An AEConnector error message could ensue when exiting Archie or the General Activities overview. This happened if a specific Windows update had been installed.

Deleting an Organization failed to also remove the History from the database.

After setting the language to English, the header texts in some SmartSearch screens (e.g.: Add Connection) did not fit.

A “Phone” hyperlink could be displayed next to the SmartSearch dashboard after returning to the Dashboard from an Organization record.

Archie Mail

After installing the KB3003057 Windows security update, it was no longer possible to create messages in Archie Mail.


In Headings, User-defined fields, the decimals field could contain “-1” if the length had been set to 15.


After accessing an Organization using the Contact Filter and editing the Organization data via Company.info, the Contact Filter was exited.


An e-mail address was not saved correctly after a Contact Person had been selected via SmartSearch.


No Calendar line was created if an update form contained a hidden Archie Campaign Code.

Permissions with a long description would lead to problems when processing using the “Special” button.

SQL RC 1.33.3 - Release Date 15-10-2014

Bug Fixes

The previous version of Archie (Build 33.4) could erroneously report that the software was older than the database.

The Statistical Analysis of the Sales History did not take the indicated Type into account.

If the same Contact Person had been linked with the same Organization two times (due to a bug in an older version of Archie) this Contact Person could no longer be Merged “with themselves”.

In Projects, Involvement, an error message appeared when selecting an Involvement under “selected Projects”.

SQL RC 1.33.4 - Release Date

contains customization adaptions

SQL RC 1.33.3 - Release Date 15-10-2014

Bug Fixes

The previous version of Archie (Build 33.4) could erroneously report that the software was older than the database.

The Statistical Analysis of the Sales History did not take the indicated Type into account.

If the same Contact Person had been linked with the same Organization two times (due to a bug in an older version of Archie) this Contact Person could no longer be Merged “with themselves”.

In Projects, Involvement, an error message appeared when selecting an Involvement under “selected Projects”.

SQL RC 1.33.2 - Release Date 06-10-2014

Revision 2 is now available (6-10-2014)



A new option allows a single permission to be usubscribed via a form with an Unsubscribe button.

MailPlus is able to create landing pages with an Unsubscribe button that will disable a single Permission while asking for a reason. The unsubscription and the reason are then written to an Activity in Archie.

Archiving this Activity will immediately update the Contact History with the relevant information.


AEOutregister has been extended with the possibility to create a “Group Policy Preferences” XML file. This option appears automatically whenever there are insufficient rights to write to the Windows Registry.
When saving an E-mailing in the Archie Correspondence, the user can indicate the Letter file.



The method for dealing with the consequences of connection loss when saving an E-mailing to the Correspondence has been improved.

Bug Fixes


An error message could occur when adding a new Import Definition on Oracle databases.


A message whose subject ended with a %-sign could “hang” Outlook.

When saving an appointment confirmation in the Archie Correspondence, the Letter file indicated by the user was ignored.

A message regarding insufficient rights could occur when an item from another user’s calendar was opened in Outlook.

SQL RC 1.33 - Release Date 29-09-2014


sql release 1-33 choose organization

If SmartSearch is active, you can use it in a number of Search fields where Organizations/Contact Persons are to be found:

  • Linking an existing Contact Person with an Organization.
    Linking “Related to”.
    Adding a Connection.
    Looking up an Organization to link an Activity to.
    Looking up an Organization to link Sales to.

These SmartSearch windows allow you to temporarily use Classic Search; the next time an Organization/Contact Person is looked up, the SmartSearch window will reappear automatically.

SQL release 1-33 choose organization 2

When an Activity or Sales line is moved to another Organization record, the SmartSearch dialog will show, below the Search field, the Organization linked with the Activity or Sales. This may in Activities be followed by the text “or choose” and the record linked with the user in Admin (if any). For OAP users, the Organization record as configured in the OAP account is displayed here by default.

SQL Release 1-33 Proposal

In Sales Layouts, the variable (“Customer name”) has been added. This variable will print the contents of the first two lines of the name of the Organization selected in the “Customer” field of the Sales line.

SQL release 1-33 numberSales module. The Proposals component has been extended with the possibility to create alternative versions of a Proposal. Alternatives have the same Proposal Number as the original Proposal, followed by a slash sign and a revision number (between 001 and 999). Example: Proposal 533 is duplicated to 533/001.

When a Proposal is converted into an Order, the other Proposals with the same Proposal Number are removed from the Sales Overviews. These Proposals are not printed in Reports or counted in Queries. The Order contains the “Proposals” button. This option allows the alternative Proposals to be viewed. A green dot indicates which Proposal has been converted to an Order.

When a Proposal is converted into a Lapsed Proposal, Archie will ask whether the other Proposals with the same Proposal Number should also be converted to Lapsed Proposals. These Lapsed Proposals remain visible from the Organization record.

When a Proposal to be counted in the Cockpit, Sales Monitor and Statistics is deleted, Archie asks the user which Proposal needs to be counted instead of the deleted one.

Linking a Proposal to another Organization will also move any other Proposals with the same Proposal Number to the new Organization.

In Reports/Sales Lay-outs, the O13 variable (Proposal Number) will print the number including the Revision number (if any). It is possible that lay-outs need to be adapted to accommodate the slightly longer Proposal Numbers.

Proposals can also be looked up by the combined Proposal/Revision number. To do so, please enter the number into the Search field as follows: 12345/001

SQL Release 1-33 Search Field

In Administration, Telephony, the option TEL (Lync, Chrome, Skype) has been added.

Default Sales Registration (without Sales module) and WORDxrm module active.
In the default Sales Registration, the WORDxrm option is available. A label with the linked Contact Person is generated, and the Proposal/Order number is available in MS Word. When storing the information in the Archie database, the user is asked to indicate the Amount. This amount is then placed in the Sales line (the Amount becomes visible when the Sales line is reopened). A green indication signifies that a WORDxrm Letter has been linked with the Sales line. The Letter is available to all the users that are allowed to view the Sales. For each Sales line, one document can be opened.

The WORDxrm option is available on 1:1 and 1:N Multi Purpose tabs. MPM variables from the active tab can be included in the Word template. Up to 140 variables are made available. Empty MPM fields are not included in the file with available merge fields created by Archie.

Attention! The new WORDxrm functionality requires WORDxrm version 439 or higher. Please follow the instructions below:

1. Download the Patch, see: http://info.crmconnectivity.com/download/UpdateCRMC439.exe
2. Exit MS Word, Outlook and Archie (releasing any files that are in use)
3. Launch the Patch (with Administrator rights)
4. Ready

If you are using Office 2013/365:

In the Archie Client folder, FireCRMC.exe needs to be replaced with the new version, see:http://info.crmconnectivity.com/download/FireCRMC64.zip

When installing the new version, please note the following:
–    When starting MS Word for the first time, you are asked for the server files (“EigenGegevens.ini” and “configCRMConnectivity.ini”); simply indicate the files in question and you’re done.

Outmail is able to generate a language file with French screen texts.

When the “Save in Archie” dialog (by default located to the right in the window) is minimized using the >> button, the “Save in Archie” icon remains active in the ribbon.


In conversion tables, the “Field contains value” check box has been added. If the box is not checked, the left column of the conversion table needs to be filled with the exact values from the import file (e.g. using the “Fill conversion” option). In other words, if you leave the box unchecked, the conversion table will work exactly as it always did.

If the box is checked, the left column of the conversion table can be filled with a substring from a value that may appear in the import file. During Import runs, the BOCP will search the Import file for values that contain this substring, and replace matching values with the value from the right column of the conversion table.

Example: The conversion table contains an entry with to the left the value “123” and to the right the value you want to use in Archie, e.g. “OneTwoThree”. If the import file contains a column with the values “123”, “ABC123”, “AAA 123 BBB”, they will all be imported as “OneTwoThree” by the BOCP.

When importing Contact Persons, the field “Unique ID organization-contact” can be imported. The BOCP can also use this field for the merge process. In the BOCP Settings, “Unique ID is in Archie field” can be set to “K35” manually to tell the BOCP to expect the unique value in the field “Unique ID organization-contact”.

Including the Fixed value %DATE% will write the current date to the database in the format yyyymmdd. %DATE% can be used in date fields and alphanumeric fields. It is also possible to use %TIME% to write the current time to an alphanumeric field as hh:mm.

System Administration, Multi Purpose and Designer

You can create tabs for use in Articles (Sales module).

A number of Data Components have the “Default Value” property. For 1:1 and 1:N tabs, the entered value is placed in the field when the user selects Edit in Archie and the field is still empty, or when a new line is added to a 1:N tab (with the exception of check box fields; see below).

  • You can have a check box checked by default by copying the value from the Text field into the Default Value property. This only works for a check box on a 1:N tab and only when a new line is being added.
    In case of a radio button group, the Default Value field needs to be filled with a value as indicated in the “Items”.
    In case of a combo box, the Default Value field needs to be filled with a value as indicated in the “Items”. If the “Edit text” property is set to Yes, the Default Value field may also contain other values.
    In case of an Initials field, the “Update Mode” needs to be set to Manual. Only empty fields are filled with a fixed value.


The Sales Monitor button “month” will display all Sales until the end of the month. Previously, this button would display Sales up to today.

In Reports, the variables R36 and R37 (longitude and latitude) have been removed because they are not used by Archie.

When including an image in a Report, the “autosize report element to fit picture” field defaults to Off, and the “Stretch Picture” field to On. This makes it easier to include larger images.

The Lapsed Proposals overview displayed when SmartSearch is active, is regularly refreshed. When the overview contains a lot of lines and one of them has been selected, that line will now remain active regardless of any automatic refresh cycles.


It was not possible to import the same Phone/Fax/Email item under more than one Description (e.g. “Private email” and “Business email”).

The log file has been expanded.

The log file is displayed differently; an overview is available for each Import action. To the left on the screen, the relevant log can be called up using the start time of the import action in question.

The log file is stored in the Archie database and can, therefore, be read on each workstation where the program is launched. Earlier log files can still be found in the Log folder in the program directory from where the BOCP was launched.

The Log file can be printed after exporting it using the Excel button. The BOCP Print button has been removed.


When a message stored on disc as an .MSG file is opened, the option to store the file in Archie is no longer active.

Bug Fixes

Adding an Organization using the “Process” button of the Company.info module left the R29 field (addition date) empty.

Changes to the Sales Lay-out “copies” field remained inactive until Archie had been restarted.

The Alt-M hot key (display margin) and the corresponding functionality did not work in Projects.

If, in System Administration, Archie had been set to expect the Merge ID for the BOCP in a numeric Spare field, values with a leading zero (e.g. 05) were accepted as unique when a similar value without a leading zero (here “5”) was already present in the database. This occurred if, initially, a non-unique value had been entered and the dialog requesting a unique value was displayed.

When a Price List had been linked to an Organization, adding an Article with a Quantity Discount in Sales would lead to an incorrect price being charged.

When including an Article in a Sales Body where “amount” matched a specific Quantity Discount, the corresponding quantity price was filled in automatically. However, when the amount was subsequently changed so that the Quantity Discount no longer applied, the selling price was not adjusted.

Queries selecting special Multi Purpose fields for Organizations or Contact Persons yielded incorrect results because Sales Data were, erroneously, also taken into account.

The Phone/Fax/E-mail overview column with Opt-in/Opt-out could contain an incorrect value when an E-mail address had been set to “No E-mailings” and the user opted to not delete the M-Groups (No deletion).

In isolated cases, an Organization record could be changed by a user with only read rights via the Protect+ module.

Immediately after a Sales line had been moved to a different Organization record, the Sales Grid did not display any Sales lines.

If in Administration, Settings, the “Display Title codes” option had been disabled, and the user selected “display function”, the form of address was displayed after Archie’s color scheme had been changed.

The “Measure per” value of a TTM Sales History analysis could be incorrectly changed if not set to Article.

Adding “Organizations in B-Group” using the option to look up the B-groep by string, resulted in an error message.

The order/invoice, type and reference date settings set under Info Turnover in a Project record were not copied to an Organization record.

Using the Search button in the toolbar to search by zip code while SmartSearch was active resulted in an error message.

In some cases, the Tab order in Multi Purpose tabs did not work correctly when panels containing variables were added to the design.

If the “Automatic search code” option was active and an Organization was added with just a Post Address, the City Name was not used in the combined Search Code.

If the user navigated from the “Related” overview of an Organization with a Sales tab (next to the map) to a map without Sales tab, the small map failed to display.

If the user navigated from the “Related” overview of an Organization with a Sales tab (next to the map) to a map without Sales tab, a Sales tab was displayed erroneously. If the user navigated from the “Related” overview of an Organization without a Sales tab (next to the map) to a map with a Sales tab, no Sales tab was displayed.

The “Lock” option of an Activity disappeared when a Recurring Pattern was created.

The variables O60~O63 have been removed from the overview of available variables in a Sales Lay-out.

In the Network Monitor, an error message ensued when checking the “working in the same department” box for a Contact Person where no Department had been entered.

A user with zero authorization for History could still edit Organization History via Activities, Sales or Helpdesk.

In Administration, Telephony, the “canonical” setting did not work on Oracle databases.

The Info window allowed the user to select “Edit” from a locked Query.

In a Sales Lay-out, the text of the check box “print short description” did not fully display.

When an option of a combobox in the Multi Purpose Designer had been changed and “Edit text” was set to Yes, Archie displayed the new value in the combobox instead of the value entered originally.

If the SmartSearch search field was empty while search results were being displayed, nothing would happen when the user clicked on one of the results.


If in Project, Involved, WORDxrm was selected, Archie would freeze if the Involvement had no known Contact Person.

If 2 identical Contact Person-Organization combinations were involved in the same Project, selecting WORDxrm created labels for each of these Contact Persons. Now each Contact Person-Organization combination results in a single label.


After selecting Edit from Headings, Organizations and browsing through the Headings, a button to open a database overview appears when the R19 field is reached. This button did not disappear when the user browsed on to the next Heading.

In Settings, System Settings, the word “code” was erroneously displayed next to “Fill IMPORT Merge key with” in the database overview under the Heading name of the R19 field.

Duplicating a Profile using the menu option in question resulted in an error message.

Protect+. It was no longer possible to correctly configure the “Show users with the same B-Groups” option in the Users component.

In Headings, User-defined fields, an overlong Numeric field could be created by changing an Alphanumeric field to Numeric.


An M-Group could end up at an incorrect Phone/Fax/E-mail line if the same E-mail address existed under more than one description.

An Articles Import did not import the Article Code in capital letters.

A Project Search Code generated by the BOCP was not put in capital letters.

Importing an empty value on a 1:1 Multi Purpose tab could result in an empty record. From now on any existing values are removed if an empty value is imported into the same field.

If a manually entered Project record was exported via a Report, the BOCP could not merge that Project based on the exported unique value (variable P62 in the list) when the exported file was imported.

An error message could ensue if the Unique ID of the Contact Person had been set to field K20 in Settings.


When Outlook had already been started, a message stored on the hard disk could be opened only once. Closing and reopening the file resulted in the message that the file was in use.

At lower screen resolutions, Outlook could disappear when switching between E-Mail and Calendar.

A number of translation issues have been solved.


MailPlus contacts with the status “Inactive: Opt-out” were sometimes reactivated when the synchronization between MailPlus and Archie had not finished and an Organization and/or Contact Person was changed.