Installation instruction


If you want to patch Archie while also running the Portal (Archie’s web version), the Portal needs to be reinstalled on a server with support for IIS7 or higher.


If you are using EASE, the EASE software has to be updated as well. In this case please contact the Archie Europe Helpdesk before starting the procedure.

The Archie Software may have been installed in several ways. Possibilities are:

  • roll-out to the clients via AMEE (software present on each PC)
  • via shared mapping (software centrally present in a single location)

In both situations, the installation is started by downloading and unpacking the latest release using the following 5 steps:

  1. Download and run the latest release.
  2. Enter the license file (Archie.lic) in the “License file location” field.
  3. The license will be checked. If a Maintenance Contract is in place, the procedure can be continued using the Continue button.
  4. Enter a Target Directory where you want to place the files about to be decompressed, and click on Continue to proceed.
  5. The Target Directory is now filled with a number of subdirectories. Please refer to the description of these subdirectories below. The remainder of the installation has to be executed in this order.
AMEE directory

The entire contents of AMEE have to be placed in the AMEE update directory, e.g.: C:\Program Files\Archie Europe bv\Archie Multi-Tier Environment Engine\Updates (if this Updates directory is not present, please create it).

Once the files have been placed there, AMEE will start the update within 2 minutes, departing from AMEE version or later, or within 30 minutes if departing from AMEE version or earlier.

CLIENT directory

If you are using shared mapping, please copy everything contained in the CLIENT directory to the current software location and continue with the instructions in the SCRIPT Directory section below.

If you are rolling out software via AMEE, please place everything in the Patch Directory. You can find this Patch Directory on the AMEE machine; default directory: C:\Program Files\Archie Europe bv\Archie Multi-Tier Environment Engine\PatchPath

If this directory does not exist on this machine, please check AMEE for the directory in question:
In order to do so, go to the AMEE web interface. This can be reached at http://[server]:35000. The User Name and the Password can be found under the ‘Web Interface’ heading in the AMEE.ini file, which is located in the AMEE installation directory. After logging on to the AMEE web interface, go to the Plug-ins tab and click on the ‘Archie client update module’ Plug-in. The Plug-in will be highlighted. Then click on ‘Configure’ to display the Plug-in Configuration page. In this window, scroll down to the ‘Automatic update’ heading. Here you will find the ‘Global patch directory’ label. This determines the directory where the files have to be placed.

ADMIN directory

All files in this directory need to be placed in the directory containing your Archie System Administration program (aeAdmin.exe). In most cases this is the same location as the client directory. In this case existing files should be replaced.

OAP en EASE directory

These directories contain a readme file which describes how to update the OAP and Ease.
When updating Archie to a new RC or Release it is important to also update the OAP and Ease!

The most recent version of Ease requires Java 7 or higher (preferably Java 8) and Apache Tomcat 7 or higher (preferably Tomcat 8).

Database updates

Not only the software needs to be updated. In addition, you have to run a script in order to apply a number of changes to the database. This script is started from the Archie System Administration. Please start by replacing the existing aeAdmin.exe with the latest version. Do not run the Patch Script until after you have replaced aeAdmin.exe! Start aeAdmin.exe and go to the ‘Database Patch’ tab. Bottom right in the window you will find the “Make Script” button. Please click on this button to have the script compiled. Then click the ‘Execute’ button.

If you are distributing the software by rolling it out via AMEE, the system checks for new Archie software every time someone starts Archie on a client; if new software is found, the user is asked for permission for automatic installation. If permission is granted, the new software is copied to the client computer. If this question does not appear, this probably indicates that the AMEE Client Update Module has been set to a time schedule. This means that the check for new files will be executed later on. If you want to force the Archie software to be downloaded by the clients immediately, please do the following:

  • go to the AMEE web interface (for more information, see the CLIENT Directory section)
  • log in and go to the Configuration page of the ‘Archie client update module’ Plug-in
  • click on Check Path Directory. From now on, Archie will check for new software straight away when starting.

Only for Oracle:

If AMEE can no longer connect to the database after patching, the MSVCR71.DLL file is missing from the Windows System32 directory on the AMEE Server. This DLL can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.