Technical Specifications cloud

In addition to the following devices and software, you will of course need to have a reliable Internet connection.

Workstation PC's or laptops

Windows 7/8/10
Terminal Server from 2008
Internet Explorer 8 or higher

Smartphone and Tablets

Android 4.4 or higher or iOS 7 or higher for the Archie APP
Browser with Java support for Archie mobile Portal

Office applications with which cooperation is possible

2010, 2013, 2016, or Office 365


Via LAN, WAN (internet), Terminal Server and webbased


Security specifications

Technical and organizational security measures in place for the Archie CRM hosting environment

Archie Europe enforces an authorization policy for the Archie CRM hosting environment, ensuring that employees only have access to the information that is strictly necessary for the performance of their duties. 

Click here to read about all the security measures that are in place for the Archie CRM hosting environment

Archie CRM hosting location

Archie CRM Cloud Hosting data is stored with TransIP at DCG. The data is kept on Archie Europe B.V.'s own servers in private racks. Archie Europe B.V. manages the servers and data and is responsible for server security, backups and continuity. Encrypted backups of the data on Archie’s servers are made to other servers in a different part of the complex on a daily basis. Daily snapshots of this data are also kept at a secondary TransIP data center in South Holland. Archie further operates a physically and virtually secured failover mirror location in North Holland, which is activated in the event of any major calamity at DCG in Amsterdam.


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