Disclaimer - Remote Assistance

Archie Europe – Remote Assistance

Archie Europe uses the TeamViewer software to temporarily provide support staff the ability to view what’s visible on your screen and control your computer.

The software used by Archie Europe to launch support sessions was chosen and designed with great care. Nonetheless, it is possible that the software will not always function as intended. The possibility of harm to e.g. software or data on your PC or server cannot be excluded. Archie Europe cannot be held liable for any kind of damage that may result from or relate to the use of the Remote Assistance service. By performing the necessary actions to give Archie Europe access to your systems, you indemnify Archie Europe against any liability in the event of damage to your systems or data.

The TeamViewer software has the following security features:

  • The TeamViewer software can only be launched by Archie Europe support staff by means of a username and password.
  • The connection is only established after you give explicit permission for this.
  • There is no need to open any extra ports in your firewall. An internet connection and browser are all that’s necessary to launch a session.
  • There is no need to disable your firewall or virus scanner. Your firewall may ask if you'd like to add TeamViewer to the whitelist. To successfully launch a session, you'll need to answer yes to this question.
  • TeamViewer will not leave any traces of installation or software files behind on your computer.
  • You can follow along with the actions as they are carried out by the support staff, and you can terminate the session at any time.
  • TeamViewer meets the requirements set out by the US government in the area of data encryption, the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
  • The connection is made using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to prevent eavesdropping by third parties.


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