Archie CRM Portal EN

Archie CRM portal - build 52 EN



The project code is shown in the activity grid.


The app launches faster and a progress animation is shown.

If you include an image in the attachments, you can crop it.

Tapping an attachment will automatically download the file. If you keep your finger on the file longer, the menu options will appear.


App and Full

The most recently open item will now automatically be reopened when you log in.

The location facilities (GPS) are no longer used. To plan a route, the device's default navigation app is used instead.

Protect+: If you delete a contact who is linked to multiple organization records, you will no longer be asked whether the contact should also be deleted from the other records.


On the screen where you set the language of the app, the choices are now shown in the correct language.

Bug fixes


An attachment added to a project could not be downloaded.

A note could be added while the authorization for this was disabled.

You could not save history for persons involved in a project if there was no authorization to add notes.

An attachment to sales that was protected by Protect could be unwarrantedly opened.

The buttons 'Older' and 'Newer' were no longer visible in correspondence.


After adding a new phone number or email address, the grid was not always updated immediately.

After changing a calendar entry from within the Planner, the planner overview was not always updated.

After changing the color of a contact, the overview was not updated immediately.

Negative sales figures were sometimes shown in green.

When selecting an activity category, the language set was not taken into account.

A note could be added to an organization or contact while the authorization for this was disabled.

In user selection, favorites has been renamed to suggestions, and the automatic addition and removal of entries to/from this list is now smarter.

The birthday calendar in the dashboard indicated an incorrect day when no year had been entered.

When archiving an activity that was linked to a sales line, the history of that sales line was not filled.

GDPR: Quarantined organizations were not shown in red.


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