Archie CRM Portal 1.44 EN

Archie CRM portal - build 44.4 EN

Available. Release info will be available soon.

Important information for the system administrator!

This Portal version requires IIS version 7 or above, and IIS 6 is no longer supported. IIS 6 is a component of Windows Server 2003 which is no longer supported by Microsoft (for more information please click here). .Net Framework 4.7 is also required.

Build 44.6 available (25-2-2019)


Smartsearch compatibility added for Archie client build 45.

Improved display of Multipurpose fields.


Build 44.4


The Spare Fields of an Organization now display a hint (full version).

Bug fixes

When clicking a time in the mobile planner and adding an agenda at that time, the workflow did not show the previously selected time.

If you selected a period in the mobile planner and then created an agenda, the duration in the Workflow was set to 8:30.

Display of correspondence on a tablet was not functional.

A P-group was wrongly requested when a new project was saved and the Protec+ module was active but no protect-P-group was linked to a user.

In a serial-number field in the Multi-Purpose Module, a double number could result if multiple sessions were used simultaneously.

GDPR: An error message would occur when linking e.g. tel./web/email if nothing had been set with regard to GDPR.

All tabs were visible even without MPM authorization.

Archie CRM portal - build 44 EN
Archie CRM portal - build 43.6 EN
Archie CRM portal - build 40.7 EN
Archie CRM portal - build 40.5 EN
Archie CRM portal - build 40 EN

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