Archie CRM Portal 1.40 EN

Archie CRM portal - build 44 EN


Important information for the system administrator!

This Portal version requires IIS version 7 or above, and IIS 6 is no longer supported. IIS 6 is a component of Windows Server 2003 which is no longer supported by Microsoft (for more information please click here). .Net Framework 4.7 is also required.


Smartsearch results. A user with GDPR authorization will now see quarantined data in red font.

When the value of a special link field in Multi Purpose has been changed, the linked fields will now be updated immediately. Previously, this only happened when the MPM was saved.

Bug Fixes

Opening a sales line could result in an error message.

Opening a Multi Purpose tab could result in an error message.

In 1:N MPM overviews, NaN was shown if a numeric field was not filled.

Correspondence created by sending a mailing using WordXRM could not be opened.

Color indications were no longer shown.

An error message could occur when a Protect+ user logged in and the most recently viewed record was no longer available to this user.

On iPads, the ôbackö button wouldn't work if you had opened correspondence.

While adding an Activity, the ôAdd Activityö button wrongly remained active.

Mobile. When linking a Contact Person to an Activity, the first name was not shown.

Mobile. An MPM Memo field that was filled on an iPad was not stored correctly and could therefore not be read properly by an Archie desktop client.



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