Archie CRM Portal 1.34 EN

Archie CRM portal - build 34.15 EN

Revision 15 is now available (21-9-2015)


Hovering the mouse over the menu icon will now open the pop-up menus.

The QR code for the Archie app can now be used.

The Planner of the Mobile version has been updated. The new Planner is not yet in use when editing an Activity.

Bug Fixes

Changing a Contact Person linked with a color created a K-group with the letter of the linked color.

It was possible to store an empty Fax/Phone/E-mail line.

If no ZIP Code had been entered, the program still searched for a matching city name.

"Pasting" into a ZIP Code field sometimes failed.

Creating a new Organization would sometimes fill B-groups automatically.

A Portal Control for Activities did not show "All" if no initials were entered.

A Portal Control for Activities did not always show the correct initials if they had been changed.

If the Protect+ module was active, it was possible to save a new Organization without one of the Protect B-groups.


Clicking on a Planner Portal control intended to show "all" initials would open an Activities overview of only one initial.

Archie CRM portal - build 34.3 EN
Archie CRM portal - build 34 EN

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