Archie CRM SQL Releases EN 1.44

SQL Release 1.44.13 - now available (9-11-2018)

Bug fixes

Calculation of the Customers tab could result in an error message when the GDPR module was active.


On certain systems, the save run (quarantining) for Contact Persons would hang.

SQL Release 1.44.6 - now available (9-10-2018)
SQL Release 1.44.4 - now available (6-9-2018)
SQL Release 1.44.1 - now available (23-7-2018)
SQL RC 1.43.5 - now available (21-6-2018)
SQL RC 1.43.3 - release date 5-6-2018
SQL RC 1.43 - release date 1-6-2018

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