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This is the download page for the Archie Codebase files. These files are only for registered users of Archie who purchased the software from Archie Europe or one of its partners. Any other use of the information or the files is not allowed.

ArchieXRM Release candidate 2.25 rev. 1
File Size:
43.07 MB
25. Jan 2012

ArchieXRM Release Candidate 2.25
(Including Mail build 4.0 (Build 0))
CRM Build

Route planner
File Size:
3.01 kB
20. Jan 2016

Ini file for configuring a route planner. In this file several route planners are configured for use by Archie. You can use Google, Bing, Mappy, 9292OV en ViaMichelin. Default Google is selected. Previously MSN, ANWB, Tripcast and TomTom  were also configured, but these route planners are no longer available.

It is possible to change the default route planner. Edit aeroute.ini using a text editor like notepad and change the value of the field "default" below the [Configuration] heading to the name of the desired route planner



You can configure your favorite route planner in aeroute.ini. To do so, follow the examples of the route planners already in aeroute.ini. It should be possible to use any route planner that is steerable by URL. You can also send us a request for a particular route planner.

Outlook interface for Outlook 2000/XP
File Size:
2.66 MB
25. Jan 2012

Latest Outlook interface for Outlook 2000/XP. After downloading, start outlinksetup.exe.

Note: In order to use this interface, you should have purchased the Outlook interface module from Archie Europe.

Important Information:
When this setup is applied to update a version of the Outlook interface older than 2005, the Outlook interface should be reconfigured. Please read the manual for more information about configuration. (The manual is automatically installed in the Help folder in the Outlook interface folder).

Ensure a good backup of the appointments before the Outlook interface is activated.

Important changes in this version:

Outlook interface now uses MAPI profiles.
Improved error handling to prevent data loss.
Improved handling of multiple dayspan appointments.

File Size:
1.99 MB
25. Jan 2012
Latest BackOffice Connection Pack software.
Spider 32
File Size:
2.48 MB
Spider; Imex
25. Jan 2012

Beware: not compatibel with the DOS version of Spider.

Transition DOS-Spider to Spider 32 in Dutch

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