B2B sales have always been social, a real CRM activity. It’s about networking, staying up-to-date about the ups and downs of relationships and going up a notch, where necessary, to get the sale done. This traditional sale was mainly done by looking each other in the eye at a business get-together, at the tennis club, during a network meeting or a trade fair.

Social selling

There is also a term for this sale, social selling also called sales 2.0. Nowadays you can see that this term social selling is rapidly changing its content. The social is happening on the internet where the various social media sites are a rewarding source for lead generation. The relationship networks have grown and new networks have emerged of people who are not immediately known but have given a “like” or show in another way that they follow the company. If this data is processed via the right (social) CRM software, the social circle is complete.

Social networking sites

Sales and marketing gratefully makes use of the new social possibilities that sales 2.0 has to offer. The company blog is kept busy, Facebook, Twitter and the best lead generator for B2B, LinkedIn, are kept up to date. Not so strange when you see the numbers in the infographic below.

The reasons that a company should do social selling have to do with an expectation pattern among the customers and their own employees who think that you should simply be present on the social networking sites. Furthermore, the competition is not sitting still either, and if they do not already use social media then there is a good chance that they will in the not too distant future. A typical case of doing it, because otherwise there is a boat that will be missed.