Patrick Petersen: “Social media marketing is hard because it seems easy!”

Patrick Petersen is an online marketing expert and author. On Twitter we know him as @Onlinemarketeer. His Handboek Online Marketing and Handboek Contentstartegie are used in various courses. His new handboek Social can soon be added to the succesful series.

The handboek Online Marketing and the Handboek Contentstrategie. Why only now a handboek Social?

“Social media was very experimental at the time I was writing the first handboek Online Marketing. So were many books and visions. Still are, by the way. I first took a closer look and now that social media marketing has matured, it’s time for a real handbook on social media. Time for a full book.”

What can we expect from the handboek Social?

“The handboek Social is strategic and deeper. Back to the basics and the mother of social media: sociology! In short: the understanding of social media goes deeper than just the strategic side of succesfully using social media as a tool. And, of course, there will be great cases and stories from experts. I can already reveal a few names: Steven van Belleghem, Hans Molenaar and Brechtje de Leij. The foreword is by Stephan Fellinger!”

Social Media Marketing

How necessary is the handboek Social anyway?

“A lot of nonsense has been said about social media. Customers, the business community and others have been sent into the woods with false promises and still too many so-called experts claim to have the golden egg in their hands. Quick wins and more of those bullshit tricks. And so the need for a handboek Social is great. Structure. Understanding. Overview and insight.”

What is the biggest mistake we make in practice when it comes to the (business) use of social media?

“We think social media and social media marketing is easy. Of course, the threshold is low; just create a free account and we are present on social media. That is not how it works in practice! Making social media successful is difficult because it seems easy. It is precisely because it seems so easy that big mistakes are made! Scoring with social media is though, difficult and very tricky! It requires a lot from the organisations involved and the culture present. And I am not talking about simply spending hours on social media. The culture of the organisation must be suitable for social media. At macro and micro level.”

And when will the handboek Social Media be relaeased?

“The handboek Social Media will be released in early february. I can also reveal that Adformatie CEO Willem Slijthoff will hand out the first copy on 5 february during the Marketing Intelligence Event (MIE) in Utrecht. I will give a lecture there in the morning, and after the lecture the first copy will be handed out. A real first for Archie!”

Another insider tip for those who want to use social media successfully?

“First take an HONEST look at your own organisational culture. If it is open, social and transparent… SUCCESS! Social media can only succeed if YOU are social.

Any plans for the future?

“Always! I am now working on storytelling and engagement. I am doing scientific research and, in lectures and lessons, dropping new models to enable co-creation with those involved. The books are also being given ebook versions and translated. In short: there’s a lot more great stuff to come!”