The internet has changed the world and the card tray on the desk has been replaced by a modern CRM system. A lot has also changed in the area of ​​customer contact. Contact with the customer does not only take place via telephone and e-mail, but also increasingly via various social media. Social CRM combines the power of a CRM with the ease of contact via social media.

The CRM system and the changed communication

The CRM system is not just a modern version of the well-known Rolodex. The CRM system can make sharp analyzes and provide marketers with the necessary insights in the field of customer behavior and customer relationship. Customer Relationship Management and database marketing are therefore regularly mentioned in the same breath. Making notes around customer contact is one of the most essential functions of a CRM system. Traditionally, customer contact took place in direct face-to-face contact with an employee of the organization, otherwise by telephone and e-mail. The number of channels used to maintain contact with the customer has increased significantly with the rise of social media. Facebook and Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. These are just a few of the range of modern channels for customer contact. And other channels and tools are increasingly (consciously) used to maintain contact with the customer and customer service. WhatsApp is gaining ground in this area. Social CRM is therefore a hot item, because how can the channels and customer contacts all be integrated and stored in the CRM system?

added value through integration

Social media: new challenges

The strong rise of social media made it difficult to search “the entire internet” for possible conversations about the organization. Monitoring the social conversations around the organization and its products was a first challenge for the first generations of social media marketers. Simply following the conversation is not enough; this presented a number of additional challenges. And then the entire process had to be registered in the CRM system to keep all data up-to-date.

Social CRM, added value through integration

CRM and email integration. CRM and social media integration.
Just as e-mail can be integrated into the CRM system, there is also the option of integrating social media into the CRM system. The first benefit is immediately apparent: it puts an end to a range of different tools and aids. Social CRM is able to monitor social media and make it easier to maintain customer contacts via social media. Without losing this data and insights. The less obvious advantage is enriching the database with the help of social media data: additional data can be collected and added to the CRM system. The customer view thus becomes more complete and that offers opportunities for (database) marketers. After the integration of e-mail marketing in the CRM, the integration of social media in the CRM system has only been a logical step.

CRM for the entire organization

The above directly underlines the importance of a good CRM system for the entire organization: now that the CRM system forms a basis, which can be supplemented according to the wishes of the organization, CRM is proving its added value in more and more different areas within the organization. Not only the salespeople and the field service have an interest in the use of the CRM system, the marketers and the customer service employees also derive added value from the CRM. And the added value of a good CRM will only increase with the number of added applications and smart integrations with other (information) systems.