Succesful CRM implementation

In addition to thorough preparation and the involvement of staff and management, first-rate guidance from Archie Europe is also required for a successful implementation of the CRM vision and the Archie software. It is important that the implementation be carried out step-by-step according to the implementation plan. This applies to large projects and, to a certain extent, also to small scale implementations.

Implementation process

Each implementation starts with a kick-off during which the planning and the delivery date are discussed. The implementation is tailored to the specific situation of the organization. The total duration is therefore dependent on the organization and the scope of the project.

The Operational Coach and the Software Integration Engineer from Archie have an important role during the implementation. They will assist you and ensure that you will be able to use the Archie software independently of its supplier.

Implementation plan

It is important for a successful implementation of Archie within your organization that it is carried out step-by-step according to the phases illustrated below. This applies to larger, as well as smaller projects. For each project the requirements and wishes are listed and the steps needed for a successful implementation are determined.

A full implementation plan looks as follows:

1. Initiative phase Planning and aims
2. Definition phase Functional and technical inventory
3. Design phase Setting up Archie
4. Preparation phase      Importing and linking data
5. Realisation phase Delivering Archie and training employees
6. Aftercare phase Evaluation ans aftercare

A full implementation project will take between several days and 6 months. The total duration is dependent on the specific wishes and requirements regarding the project.


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