Coaching that suits you

Archie CRM – Coaching that suits you

Even if you’ve been working with Archie for some time, questions requiring specific knowledge about its use and functionality may naturally arise. Or you may have questions about optimizing or introducing a new work process in Archie, or integration with your back office, or you may want to know what working in the Archie Cloud is like. Of course, our coaches can help you with all this and more. We offer several possibilities.


If you’d like to have an Operational Coach (OC) and/or a Software Integration Engineer (SIE) with you on-site on a regular basis for a certain period of time, then choose the Floorwalker option. The floorwalker is there to help users and administrators with daily functional and technical questions about Archie, and to give tips for working even more efficiently. There’s plenty of room for personal attention, which reduces pressure on your IT department (key user), as this department will no longer have to spend time answering user questions. In short, the floorwalker ensures that employees benefit more from using Archie.

On-demand assistance

If you’d like to be able to make regular use of the services of an OC or SIE at times when it suits you, choose on-demand assistance. With this option you reserve help, advice and specific knowledge transfers for both functional and technical issues related to the Archie CRM software.
Make appointments with the coach to assist you either on-site or remotely, on an ad-hoc basis or on a fixed schedule, for example having one consultation each week or month.


If you have a short or specific question that cannot be answered by our Support department, choose a Consultation (one-off or several). An OC or SIE will resolve your query immediately, so you can get on with your work as soon as possible. This service, too, is offered both on location and remotely.

We are happy to help you get even more satisfaction through working with Archie. Please contact +31 (0) 299 411 800 or send an email to