Archie Campaign Management

Imagine: You are arranging a meeting for your business relations and want to use Archie to manage registrations, cancellations and non-responders. Or you are setting up a marketing campaign and want to assess the resulting responses and turnover after the campaign has concluded. Or you want to keep tabs on which mailings have been sent to whom. If so, you may want to take part in the Campaign Management training. This training discusses the execution of an entire marketing campaign using Archie.

The training includes the following subjects:

  • Setting up a marketing campaign in Archie
  • Campaign/Response tables
  • Integration with Activities, Correspondence, Sales and E-mail(ings)
  • Statistical Analysis of the results
  • Latest features
  • Knowledge level

The training is suitable for Archie users with a good basic knowledge of Archie. Knowledge of actions such as entering, looking up and changing information on organizations/contact persons, history, notes, K- and B-groups, and queries is presumed.


Archie Europe, Purmerend


Training morning session: 9.30 – 12.30
Training afternoon session: 13.30 – 16.30


The investment for the training is € 175 (excluding VAT/BTW) for the first participant. The registration fee for the second and subsequent participants from the same organization is € 100 a person.

If you are also taking the Archie Sales training on the same day, instead of paying € 350 for both sessions you only pay € 275. A second person and any other subsequent participants from the same organization pay only € 175 when registering for the same training sessions.

More information

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