What is CRM software without a seamless integration with Outlook? In the latest version of Archie CRM, both email and calendar integration have been completely redesigned, making it even easier to save emails, send a professional e-mailing, or keep track of your calendar.

CRM and Outlook

All incoming mail in Outlook can be directly linked to the right relation, contact, or project. New contacts can be added in Archie CRM from within Outlook, and multiple contacts or relations can be linked to a single email message. All emails and attachments are neatly stored with the relationship; the time of working with a large collection of folders in Outlook is truly at an end.


Archie CRM, outlook email en agenda integratie

And thanks to specific Archie CRM variables that are available in Outlook, sending a professional e-mailing has become an easy task. These variables make composing and sending the emails a lot more pleasant and more efficient. The time of sending can be set in advance, and all sent emails are stored with the relevant relationships.

Outlook’s calendar is fully utilized in combination with Archie CRM. Multiple contacts and/or relations can be linked to an appointment. When a calendar entry is created in Outlook, it will show up with the relation’s data in Archie CRM. The same goes for any conversation notes that have been entered for the appointment in Outlook.

Here you can find several videos (in Dutch) demonstrating the integration of Outlook Mail and Calendar with Archie CRM.

To see a live demo contact our sales department: +31 299 411 800 or sales@archie.nl