Realtime CRM and marketing

by | Apr 14, 2016 | CRM, Uncategorized

Google Analytics isn’t the only one collecting and presenting data in real time — it’s increasingly common to find this concept in the realm of Customer Relationship Management software as well. How useful is real-time CRM?

Real time and relevance

The concept of real-time CRM is often bracketed together with real-time marketing. Offering relevant content in real time certainly provides opportunities for marketers. Relevance is the key word here. The social network Instagram recently decided to adjust its users’ news feeds to give the most relevant content a prominent place in the news overview. But the concept of relevance doesn’t just refer to content we like; it also points to content we like at a particular moment. It’s precisely that combination which makes advertising through Google AdWords so interesting: relevant content at a relevant moment. Mapping out the customer journey means mapping out the process, and making it possible to create and offer relevant content for every step. There are more ways to offer relevant content. On the Contact page for example, a pop-up chat window could appear to meet the user’s needs.


Real time provides opportunities when it comes to relevance. Providing relevant content at a relevant moment offers a greater chance of success.

Real-time marketing

The cconcept of real-time marketing is often used in the context of capturing on social media, but real-time marketing is more than that. “Real-time marketing is systematic multi-channel engagement based on real-time insights and data. Real-time marketing is event-driven,” explains online marketer Patrick Petersen. “Marketers have to be able to act in real time — using all the up-to-date, quick and real-time big data at their disposal. To respond quickly and openly to trend developments and hypes. Social media and content marketing have made a lot of content and campaigns ‘snackable’. When it comes to trending news or hype, what’s hot right now might not be so valuable in a few hours’ time. Strike while the iron is hot! What’s hot and what’s not?”

Real-time CRM

Real-time CRM software can deliver insight into various matters, such as the web page currently being visited by a customer/prospect, but that information still ought to be used to actually do something, and that is the trickiest aspect of real-time CRM. How can real-time CRM help marketers create opportunities? Patrick Petersen explains: “By melding variables, like upcoming events, real-time consumer behavior, social-media sentiment and content calendars focused on campaigns, so well that they truly enable a CRM marketer to launch an event-driven campaign. In short, it strengthens relevance, as with a personal offer (= loyalty marketing).”