The Advantages of Archie

1. Increased productivity and cost savings through:
  • making smart use of data with exceptional functionality for maintaining contact with customers and taking advantage of opportunities that arise
  • twenty-five years of accumulated user experience
  • full optimization for the Western European market
  • providing management with immediate insight into realized and future results
2. Improved efficiency and motivation through:
  • providing a helicopter view of organizations, people, objects, segments, history, activities, campaigns and forecasts
3. An edge over same sector competitors through:
  • unique functionality not seen anywhere else that allows you to have contact persons in your customer relation file acting in your interests
  • providing insight into connections, awarding, and networks, and turning them into controllable parts of the success of the organization
4. Reduced implementation risk through:
  • exceptional service and glowing references from B2B, investment companies and social organizations with whom long term business relationships have been established
  • specialized partners
5. Reduced continuity risk through:
  • complete concentration on Archie by Archie Europe
  • customer focused, highly trained and motivated staff
  • specialized partners
  • on-site service and support
  • direct access to Archie Europe

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