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The Customer Value Optimizer

The Customer Value Optimizer (CVO) employs the Pareto principle and concentrates on finding, making and developing customers using a structured approach. This will give you insight into the value of your customers, allowing you to adjust your policy. This will result in the right amount of attention for your valuable customers and provide your organization with a clear focus on its customers.

Contacts pyramid

The CVO visualizes your customers in a contacts pyramid. Based on the actual limits according to the Pareto rule, a value distribution is created. The migration matrix lets you see the movements of the customers inside the pyramid. This will enable you to exactly analyze which customers have the potential to grow. Graphical presentations are used to make the dynamics inside the customer pyramid visible. This allows you to easily manage for customer value and retention.

Questions that will be answered with the help of CVO:

  • How many (valuable) customers do I have?
  • How are these customers distributed in terms of value or size?
  • Which customers have generated 80% of our turnover?
  • Which customers have grown over the past period, or moved down into a different segment?
  • Which customers did we lose?
  • Which customers have the potential to grow?
  • How many new customers did we win?
  • By how much did the customer value increase or decrease?