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Archie Smartsearch is a unique approach to searching. From now on you will need only one field in order to look up an organization or contact person, thanks to Smartsearch. In this field, you can search by e.g. the organization name in full or in part, the relation code, the address and the first or last name of a contact person. You will find the most important results right at the top of the list. Calling up a business relation is now easier and simpler than ever before. 

Ease: First rate search engine in Archie

The amount of information in your organization is increasing exponentially. You have become accustomed to quickly finding information using various search engines. Does this also apply to the information present in your own company? Several years’ worth of documents are available across the network. The number of e-mail messages is increasing every day, and outgoing quotations are becoming harder to trace by the hour. The mountain of information has become all but insurmountable.

Well-organized search results

For this reason Archie has created Ease, the first superior CRM search engine, an extremely powerful relational search engine capable of returning a well-organized list of search results in a split second. The list can be filtered, refining the results and making them even more effective.

In other words, you will be able to quickly retrieve that one e-mail message while on the phone. You can search the contents of linked documents. In short, Ease can locate your search terms in attached MS-Word, MS-Excel, PDF and other documents, and open the relevant documents for you.

Ease offers the search capabilities you are used to on the Internet, and presents the result in the same well-organized manner. 

  • the first superior CRM search engine 
  • simple and fast searches 
  • search attachments, MS-Word, MS-Excel, PDF, etc. 
  • Internet search options