Project approach (Object)

The Object module is used to manage objects/projects and the related relationship networks. Objects may include e.g. building projects, events, capital goods, training courses, contracts, and people. Organizations are linked with an object by means of their roles. Example: contractors, architects and influencers can be linked with a building project. This will make relationship networks visible and manageable. From an object, consolidated history is available for all involved organizations.


Object management with history, notes, activities, sales, amount changes, planning, integration with organizations database, linking of persons and companies using their role regarding the object.

This module is used for the management of e.g.:

  • Projects: Road construction and hydraulic engineering
  • Capital goods: Office buildings, houses, ships
  • Devices: Rental, maintenance, service
  • Contracts: Maintenance, service
  • Outplacement: Candidates
  • Posting: Employees