Integration with Outlook Calendar and Mail

The integration of Archie CRM with MS Outlook connects Archie to your emails and calendar in Outlook, allowing you to include relationship data from Archie in your email messages and appointments in Outlook.

Archie Outcalendar

The integration of Archie CRM with Outlook Calendar is called Outcalendar. With Outcalendar, appointments made in Archie will automatically appear in your Outlook calendar. And vice versa. An appointment in Outlook Calendar can be linked to multiple contact persons, including contacts from different organizations. When you archive an appointment in Outlook Calendar, it is also archived for the appropriate relation in Archie. Conversation notes that you’ve recorded for an activity in Outlook can be found in the relationship details in Archie.



  • Link appointments to relations in Archie.
  • Conversation notes can be viewed in both Outlook Calendar and Archie.
  • Analyze Outlook activities in Archie.
Outcalendar video (in Dutch)
Archie Outmail


The integration of Archie with Outlook Mail is called Outmail. When you click on an email address in Archie, Outlook Mail is launched and you can send your email the way you’re used to. After your email is sent, Outmail saves the message with the relation data in Archie. When working in Outlook Mail, you can link one, or even several, relations to your mail. The message will be stored in Archie with each relation it’s linked to. As a result, you will never have to search for an email, and you can easily share this information with your colleagues.

  • Send emails using Outlook the way you’re used to.
  • All messages are stored with the relevant relations in Archie.
  • You’ll never have to search for an old email again.
Archie Outmail e-mailings


Archie Outmail also allows you to send personalized e-mailings. By using Archie variables in your Outlook emails, you can include various personal details, such as a formal or informal salutation. Archie allows you to compose a mailing list based on your selection criteria. You can then schedule the mailing to be sent at a later point in time. Following dispatch, if desired, the mail can be saved with the relevant relation in Archie.




  • Formal and informal personalized emailings.
  • Easily compose mailing lists in Archie.
  • Emailings are stored with the appropriate relations.
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