Import and export facilities

Integrating back office (BOCP)

Archie Back Office Connection Packs (BOCPs) comprise a set of connectors to make data from financial, e-commerce, and ERP packages available in Archie, or, conversely, to transport data from Archie to the back office. This shell prevents double entry and retrieval of data. This provides each employee with all important customer information at a glance.

Enriching the database

The database can be enriched using a website, provided address files, or the back office. This is not limited to address or sales details; information on tangible assets such as car fleet and stocked articles or intangibles such as additional customer information can be imported into Archie.

Financial data

You can link your financial system (e.g. Exact, SAP and AccountView) with Archie, giving users direct insight into the buying behavior and commercial interest of customers. The presence in Archie of information on e.g. turnover will lead to a beter insight into the value of a customer or product. The advantage of linking the back office with Archie is that the employees who are in contact with the customer, will find in Archie all the information the require. They do not need to keep switching between various applications. In addition, the link with the financial software will reduce manual data entry to a minimum.

Sharing information

In order to guarantee data quality, you no longer have to put up with private address lists, e.g. on smartphones or tablet computers; everything can be read into Archie’s central database. This allows information to be shared and securely shared with laptops, PDAs, smartphones and tablets that have Internet access to the Archie database.

The BOCPs ensure that superfluous work becomes a thing of the past and that the data from various data sources are centrally available.

Import website

This module imports and processes data entered through a website. Based on these data, Archie workflow can be generated. This turns Archie into an even more powerful instrument, as it can be used to optimally process and follow up data entered through a website.


Importing name/address details, contact persons, segmentation characteristics, source of the request, and specific remarks.

Depending on the incoming data, the module is able to generate workflow. This enables the automatic creation of activities and opportunities, linking them with the correct Archie users. This allows for a fast and effective follow-up. Campaigns and responses can also be registered using these data.