Geomap, planning tool

Geomap is the easy planning tool par excellence. It offers a graphic display of the whereabouts of your sales or field employees over time. This makes it easy to assign an appointment to someone who is already in the vicinity.

Top customers

Statistical Analyses and Queries allow you to e.g. create a segmentation of your top customers. From there you can go straight to the Geomap for a neat graphical overview of the locations of your top customers. This can be divided into large or smaller regions.

Placing these customers, from one or more regions, into a query file allows you to carry out targeted follow-up activities, e.g. by linking them to an account manager or sending them an e-mailing.

Queries and Statistical Analyses

Since the Geomap is linked with Queries and Statistics, you can link virtually any data from the database to a graphical view per country. If you e.g. sell laptop computers, you can easily see the location of all your customers with a specific type of laptop. It’s a piece of cake to link them to a local dealer or repair shop.

Selecting outstanding proposals will provide you with a neat regional overview of sales opportunities. You can select, per individual sales person, which part they can follow up over the phone, or efficiently plan appointments.

Although the possibilities are innumerable, they all have in common that you will get a better overview of what is happening in a country, allowing you to respond directly and on-target.