E-mail marketing using Archie and Spotler

Archie provides a link with the E-mail marketing solution from Spotler (before trading under the name MailPlus). Spotler enables you to send out professional e-mailings (such as newsletters and invitations) and analyze the response.

Through the link between Archie and Spotler you can send E-mailings in your own house style using the organization and contact person details from Archie. In addition, you can track click-through behavior in Archie/Spotler, bounces are caught and (un)subscribe requests are recorded.

Mailing file

You can compile the address file with the E-mail addresses you want to contact in Archie. Using the desired selection criteria you can easily create a customized file for each E-mailing. Every time you send a mailing, the target group is completely rebuilt.
Changes in Archie, e.g. to the E-mail address, are automatically entered into the Spotler database, including changes to the Spotler permissions. As a result of this, you will always have an up-to-date E-mail file.

Subscribing, unsubscribing and bounces

Using the standard service (web) pages of Spotler your contacts can (un)subscribe to a mailing, forward mail or update their details. These service pages can be laid out in your own house style. As soon as a contact changes their details, the changes are passed on to Archie. By using the Archie workflow you can e.g. easily update the unsubscriptions and bounces in Archie. This way, you will automatically meet Dutch opt-in/opt-out regulations.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of the link between Archie and Spotler? Please contact one of our account managers (0299-411800 or