Corporate style optimization

The WORDxrm Archie module provides you with an easy way to handle all your daily correspondence, whether letters, proposals or mailings. WORDxrm’s efficient use of MS-Word templates contributes to a consistent house style, ensuring that you are projecting a consistent image to the outside world. This module gives you a central overview of templates and correspondence inside your organization. 

Optimal dossier building and house style monitoring

From Archie, a link to Microsoft Word is created. Relation data from Archie are forwarded automatically. Select the correct template (you can use your existing templates straight away). Then create your document. The saved document is linked with the relevant organization in Archie (optimal dossier building). A single click reopens the document and you can edit it in MS-Word.

  • Consistent House Style
  • Centrally maintained templates
  • Correspondence archive with version control
  • Merge documents