Company Data

The Archie and module allows the user to consult and add company data from is the largest online database of business information from over 500 sources. The link with Archie gives you access to this company information, directly from sources such as the Trade Register of the Dutch Chambers of Commerce.

You will have important basic data, such as name, address, phone number, chief manager and business class available straight away in Archie. The organization record in Archie is now linked with the file, where you can consult the organizational structure, annual accounts of the Chamber of Commerce, and finally the balance sheet and various financial ratios. is only available for the Dutch market.

With Archie and
  • You will quickly enter new business relations with correct address details;
  • The financial details of an organization are at your disposal;
  • The holding structure and the management are immediately mapped out for you, and you will lose no time searching for the right decision makers;
  • You can import lists of prospects into Archie.
  • Consult organization files;
  • Add or merge organization details;
  • Add managers with a single click;
  • Hyperlinks to immediately display the correct organizations in;
  • PDF with Chamber of Commerce report(s).