Campaign management

In addition to relationship management, Archie offers extensive marketing support. You can e.g. easily select on any stored person and organization information. Examples include function, title, sex, branch, postcode or region. Archie immediately picks all relations you want to approach in a target-oriented manner. Even if you want to find relations based on a specific note, your wish will be granted straight away. Archie turns direct marketing into an accurate custom approach, without wasting valuable resources. All your personalized letters, fax messages, e-mails and brochures will arrive on the desk of its exact intended recipient.

Responses to campaigns

Archie collects and analyzes all responses and non-responses to your campaigns, instantly providing you with an insight into the effect of all promotional activities. This includes a clear picture of costs and profits, helping you to decide whether or not you are on the right track with your mailings, ads or exhibition booth. 

Archie keeps Marketing alert

Archie analyzes campaign results and allows Marketing to drive timely course corrections in terms of price changes, product range, competitor strategy and service levels. This keeps everyone alert, allowing commercial activities to be kept in tune with the changes in the market.