Attention monitor

Lack of attention can erode amicable business relationships and ultimately lead to loss of customers. Some business relations may receive too much or too little attention, or perhaps even none at all. The Attention Monitor enables you to unearth the facts at the press of a button. 

The Attention Monitor provides immediate answers to questions such as: 

  • Has my colleague called the customer yet?
  • When did the Service department last get in touch?
  • Has the problem been resolved?
  • What was in the last e-mail the office staff sent to the customer?
  • Has there been any response to a mailing?
  • Is everyone paying enough attention to my most important clients?
Clear insights into all contact moments

The monitor shows all the contact that has occurred with a group of customers over a given period. It provides insight into which employee has been in contact with customers, when, how, and about what. Whether a phone call, e-mail or encounter at a trade show. All contact details on file for a group of business relations are now fully transparent for anyone with the correct permission.

The Monitor shows how long there has been no, little or indeed too much contact. Where relevant, it also checks whether the degree of attention is reflected in the turnover generated by the customer. The ability to see whether information on the client is being updated, improves social control among colleagues. This leads to more accurate entry of information in the database, increasing its overall value. 

Customer information available to everyone

The Attention Monitor is also useful if an employee leaves the company; there is no need to dig through the database to see which customers they were involved with. The Monitor will provide a meticulous overview of all previous contact moments, allowing the new staff member to rapidly get up to speed.

Customer management

Management can see in real time how much attention the Sales, Marketing and Service departments are paying to a group of business contacts, and individual employees can monitor exactly how affairs are progressing with their “own” customers. This is ideal if you have been away for a few days, or have just returned from a holiday – in a few minutes you will be up to date with all the developments in your client group.