Archie also contains an expansive activities overview that is linked with the Organizations and Contact Persons. A clear graphic overview will show you exactly when you and your colleagues have (group) appointments. This makes it easy to fill empty time slots and realize a practical planning. Subsequent appointments can be planned automatically.

The Archie calendar is more expansive than the Outlook calendar. You can e.g. include another Organization’s Contact Persons in an appointment. This will also link the notes for the activity, as well as any attachments, to these Contact Persons.

Outlook Link

This link allows you to view and edit Outlook appointments. Organizations and Contact Persons can also be linked, increasing transparency. Colleagues who are not visible in Outlook can still be involved in the activity in Archie.

GeoMap Activities

In addition to Archie’s extensive activities summary you can also make use of a geographical summary for your activities and those of your colleagues. This makes planning for appointments a lot easier.